The men don’t know, but the little girls understand

by davebarclay1954

A brief moan and groan but this won’t take up much today, let me know if you’d prefer this section at the end or if it’s ok here at the front. There is an MP sitting on the Government back benches who disagreed in public with Johnson so had the whip removed. Discretion of the PM whether or not to withdraw the whip you may think and you’d be right. However, another MP has been accused of sexual misconduct by an intern working for the government benches. He has not been suspended, still has the whip and sees his accuser every weekday he attends the House of Commons. What message does that send out to the country?

Anyway, enough whingeing for this post, I thought I would share something I saw last weekend in a few shops around here. It is now law that you have to wear a face mask when entering any shop. This was not upheld in my local shop, out of 5 customers and 2 staff I was the only one wearing a mask. Then later on in a different shop (Costco) there were too many to name and shame who were wearing face masks under their chins so their mouths and noses had no covering at all.

Are people really that stupid still that they don’t realise that they are spreading the disease for anything up to a month before developing symptoms? Or don’t they believe they will be affected because they are immortal? This has taken my pet peeve away from those idiots who shout at pedestrians walking out in front of them when they go round corners because they didn’t use their flashers to let people know where they were going.

Of course people will still behave like idiots because they are being led by donkeys. If you don’t believe me just have a look on social media and see how many “karens” are being filmed. No offence meant to any woman who is called Karen, the little k is down to the accepted form used for female idiots who are racially motivated and here in the UK we have a Home Secretary whose parents came here to avoid a war in her home country who refuses to allow others to come here to escape war in their countries. Two faced or what?

Anyhoo, the people I take offence to are those ones threatening to beat someone up because they are _ (add your own descriptor here). The bigots take exception to people based on external criteria, I see people they see colours, genders, economic factors. Why can’t people just get on with their own lives and stop criticising others trying to do the same? If everyone fought for a fairer and more just society wouldn’t the world be a much fairer place for all?

Here in the UK, the people are complaining that there isn’t enough money to go around, forgetting that the top 1% take money out of the economy to hide it in a tax haven and refuse to pay a fair share to ease the burden on the many. There is a definite imbalance in the world today when 99% of the wealth generated by the working class is owned by the 1% at the top. This 1% don’t want to share their ill gotten gains with anyone else so they find every tax loophole going to pay as little tax as they can and still expect countries to bail them out at these unprecedented times. Just so they can continue to pollute the planet and kill the rain forests to make more money they can then sit on and remove from the economy.

Don’t get me started on the Labour Party here, either, they fought the last two elections not to form a Government for the many not the few, but to remain in Opposition. Now that Jeremy Corbyn has been removed as leader they want to destroy the man completely. This is not the reason why I, and lots of others, put money into their war chest to fight these elections. We did so because we wanted a fairer and more just society where the few were taxed justly and this money went in to fund free health care for all. In the 1980’s under Thatch the Hatchet our social businesses were all sold off (except the Post Office, that came after 2010). Supposedly the working class were able to buy shares in them, because they were sold at a knockdown price. If you look into the buyers you will see that 1% were bought by small investors the other 99% were bought by private investors and trading companies who then sold these shares a few weeks later for a massive profit.

That has always been the Tory way, lie, cheat and privatise in order to make the wealthy richer. It’s about time we had someone holding the purse strings who wasn’t beholden to the few and would do things for the many. We are currently seeing a lot of job losses because of Covid-19 but this won’t stop because from the 1 January 2021 we are going to lose our biggest export market, the biggest export market on the planet, without anything to replace it we will see even more job losses and businesses closing. Is there any good news ahead of the year end? Not really, this year started off with promises and is going to end with everyone wanting to forget everything that happened this year.