I’ve been a cool jerk

by davebarclay1954

Just looking for the source, I’m a dark horse. Today is not going to be a moan, whinge or anything like venting my anger with our politicians (there’s so much wrong with the way our country is being run and the crooks in charge are getting away with murder, and rape). I am feeling pissed off with our Government in the UK and the GOP in charge in the USA. but that is all I’m saying here about them both.

I have found some quite remarkable women recently, women who are very talented and an ideal role model for the young women growing up. Some of them are top scientists, astronauts and proof that women can do anything they set their mind too in todays world. This is something I have been saying for a long time, women can do anything they want to do. I told my daughter that before we fell out when I moved North once again in 1997 (she was 23 with her own friends and her own life).

If we support women, especially with so many of them achieving positions of power, then shouldn’t any man accused of rape be removed from the vicinity of his victim? I say yes, whether he is innocent or guilty doesn’t come into it, he should be forced to remain as far away from the woman who has accused him of rape and sexual assault, wouldn’t that be a sensible thing to do for both victim and perpetrator?

In today’s climate where racism is running rampant once more a young lady pointed out that no one can sit on the fence any longer, that only enables the racists to become more and more vociferous and brave. We have to make a stand, white and black, asian and indigenous need to take up on one side or the other. If you are against racism then let everyone know you stand with those blacks in America being persecuted by the police who swore to serve and protect everyone. Stand with the blacks in other countries being persecuted and killed.

I believe that individually our voices are too quiet to be heard, together though our voices are intense and loud enough to move mountains. If you don’t think you have a voice join with those who have the power to change the world for the better and together we will make that vision a reality. Tax the wealthy to stop them taking money out of the economy of every country and stash it away in an off shore account. That would generate enough tax income in the USA alone to fund a health system free to all at point of use. The only problem with the Governments we currently have is that they are beholden to those wealthy taking money out of the economies so they aren’t going to tax them, they would rather give them tax breaks and refunds of more than any amount of tax they have paid.