Into the light of a dark black night

by davebarclay1954

With the Black Lives Matter protesters being beaten up and arrested by cops in the USA how long before we see the number of unarmed black men killed by cops start rising again? The racist regimes in the UK and the USA cannot be allowed to use the police as their own personal bodyguard forces. Arresting or killing those who disagree with their policies. In any democracy the right to protest non-violently against injustice is written in indelible ink, anything else is becoming an autocracy. If we want to keep our Governments acting within the law then we have to protect our fundamental right to protest injustice with non-violent civil disobedience. Don’t let the Government infiltrate your protest with violent and criminal individuals who will incite violence.

If we are united in civil disobedience without using violence then our message will get out there. As soon as violence erupts the message becomes corrupted and the message gets lost in the violence. We have to be so careful because our leaders are starting to use the example set by the National Socialist party in 1920’s Germany (this group were not socialists by the way) which led to them gaining power and then taking more and more away from the people for themselves. If you don’t believe this then ask yourself how did a peaceful protest erupt into violence? Was it started by one or two protesters or the police? If it was a few protesters you can guarantee they were planted to do just that to get people killed in the name of creating an oppressive state.

When you can see what is happening all around you, don’t get angry and start fighting yourself, if you can remain passive when people around you are being shot then you make a very loud statement to the Government. I am not advocating getting shot for your beliefs but everyone today has a smart phone and they are capable of live streaming to YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook once the truth gets out there it is very difficult to stop the flow. How many of us still believe the lies published daily in the Main Stream Media? Very few, and how many still believe the lies spewed by our Governments? Again very few, but those few are the ones keeping them in power at the moment. If the majority mobilise while we still have a semblance of democracy then we can save our countries from the brink of destruction and oppression.