I’m tired of wakin’ up on the floor

by davebarclay1954

There are a lot of people around today who believe all the bs from our politicians, not because it’s what they want to hear but because it’s supported by the MSM. We need more journalists to rebel against the moguls controlling the narrative, if the MSM had been this twisted in 1970 we would never have heard about Watergate. Where are the Woodward and Bernsteins today?

If we come together and shout with one voice we can still move mountains, the proof is in all the U-Turns made by the Tories in the UK recently. More and more we are seeing petitions shaping the way the Government behaves. The more people united behind an idea the more Government takes notice, that’s why one voice goes unheard but 500,000 voices make a lot more noise and get heard.

Petitions are being started to object to things, such as privatisation of our NHS, and the NHS being on the table during negotiations with the USA, when Johnson has been told repeatedly that our NHS is not for sale to America, Big Pharma or anyone else. We need to keep up the pressure because the new Leader of the Opposition is not fit for purpose, unlike his predecessor he is backing the Government rather than opposing them at every turn. There are also a lot of people complaining about the carers in hospitals having to pay to park again, we managed to get free parking for them during lockdown but now it has been eased the charges are back. Our carers don’t get paid enough, they aren’t getting a pay rise therefore they should not be charged to park their cars at work.

You can find information at change.org of petitions which are currently doing the rounds, make your voice count with the masses who support you, together we can make a difference, although it didn’t work to stop a no deal Brexit there is no reason to give up hope. We can make a difference one day at a time, if the Government won’t listen and the MSM continue to back them then we should use our ability to make a change at the next General Election, if everyone voted Green then maybe we could have a Government committed to saving the planet and every species on it.