The lunatics are in my hall

by davebarclay1954

Why do some people want to risk death to save themselves 5 minutes waiting for a train to pass? Someone caused disruption this morning on the Metro because he thought he could get across the tracks ahead of the train, only to find the train was nearer and collided with his car. Please do not adjust your brain, the lunatics have taken over the asylum but normal service will never be restored again.

If everyone who has a death wish was laid end to end (especially during a pandemic) then they would stretch from the Earth to Saturn and beyond. If you have a death wish, though, please don’t take anyone else with you, do it quietly and alone because those you take with you may not want to go just yet.

I know people think me crazy, just because I’m weird, but although I may be mad I’m not crazy. I have met death and he is not as scary as I thought, both times he told me to go forth and not darken his door until my time is up. If my time is nigh I will meet him as you would an old friend you haven’t seen for a while, I am not frightened of dying because no one here gets out alive.

Those people who fear death, yet seem in a rush to meet him, are the crazy fools. Accidents looking for somewhere to happen are not my idea of people living life to the full. Can we please agree on this my dear reader? If you are always ready to meet death it doesn’t mean you are rushing headlong into the meeting, so why do so many seem to be in far too much of a hurry to die?