There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me

by davebarclay1954

If ever there was a time to gloat, this isn’t it. If ever there was a time to say I told you so, this may be it but it’s not appropriate. If ever there was a time to say get out of my head, this may be the appropriate time to do it, but is it really necessary?

Way back in 2016, those of us who were awake, told the nation that voting Leave would leave the country crippled, we were labelled as Project Fear for this. Now we are being proven right, and what makes it even worse is the knowledge that both Leave.EU and VoteLeave broke the law in order to win, with help from Russia. The tRump campaign also had a lot of help from Russia to steal the Presidential Election from Hilary Clinton. Has anything been done to stop this happening again in either Britain or the USA? Of course not because both the CONservative Party and the GOP want to hang onto power at all costs.

The economy has taken a bashing from Covid-19 and it won’t recover from that until well into 2021, but ahead of that we are going to crash out of Europe without any deal, even though this Government told everyone they had an excellent deal all ready to be implemented, because they were told repeatedly that NO ONE wanted to crash out without a deal. We also asked them to get an extension to the talks in order to deal with one crisis at a time, they refused.

Who will people blame for the end result when immigration figures zoom through the roof because in order to get a trade deal with India, China and Russia the Government will have to agree to allow their citizens settle here in vast numbers. Our NHS is being sold to the Americans and our Food Standards are about to be slashed as well. Human Rights will be denied to everyone except those who can buy them, minimum wage, supposedly being increased to £15 an hour is about to be slashed to £1.50 an hour. The poor and those on benefits will find they cannot afford health care and are being left to die.

Everything we said would happen back in 2016 has now been put in place by this very same Government who promised the moon and delivered Hell.