A river a mountain to be crossed

by davebarclay1954

Why do people assume that everyone in the UK is really well off? There are so many trying to scam us out of the little we have. The Government are looking for scapegoats before they authorise a public inquiry into the pandemic, if they can’t find one they will hold a private inquiry into their handling of it.

The Russia Report is being published next week, the Government were trying to rig the ISC so that it could be buried for 25 years but they failed so they are trying to divert attention by accusing Labour of accepting help from the Russians in 2019, but why would their backers try to help the opposition? They have such disdain for the working class and the middle class that they treat us all as fools who will believe any lie we are told.

The issue is that most people swallow all their shit and never question why they are being fed complete bull. The few of us who are awake know that they put so much spin on the truth that it comes across completely wrong and that makes us trust them less. Anyway, rant over for this post fun and games will resume next.

I have had some brilliant news this morning, my wife was in danger of losing her job due to her sickness absence, however, because she is being pro-active in trying to remain working from home they decided to re-issue the final written warning and they have offered her redeployment as well. Everything is falling into place finally, then I get a message out of the blue asking me for financial help (the reason for the first sentence in this post) from someone I don’t know. Anyway, I haven’t responded and feel that there are more people who deserve help and are much worse off, the person asking for help obviously has access to the internet so can’t be that poor really.

There are people in refugee camps who are separated from their families, no access to face masks, receiving a pittance from the Government and struggling to try and keep themselves safe in the middle of a pandemic. If we can help those who desperately need our help then I think we have a duty to do so, in whatever form we can.

If we were all to tell our Governments that we don’t want to return to life before Covid-19 but would like to make changes now that will benefit everyone in the long run, they would have to listen or suffer the consequences. We have a chance to work together with other countries to end war, slavery, greenhouse gasses to protect the planet and reverse our damage to the environment, not quickly enough for those species we have already eradicated but to sustain what species are left.

We can push for higher taxes for those who can afford them, close loopholes which allow non-taxable income to be stored off-shore. Together we can move mountains, individually we are but one voice crying in the wilderness. That’s why we have to come together as a global collective and become Global Citizens for the sake of everyone, we can eradicate disease and poverty by working together, taking from everyone what they can afford to give and building a global health service (to replace the WHO) where everyone on the planet has access to health care, when they need it, which is free at the point of use.

Our NHS used to be heavily funded until 1980 when the privatisation was begun, now there isn’t a lot going in because the successive Tory Governments have outsourced so much to private firms, who are only interested in their bottom lines that the NHS is floundering. We have to get the world to accept the notion that health care isn’t just for the privileged few but for everyone.