There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done

by davebarclay1954

I don’t know if it is just me or if anyone else feels this way too, but the days are becoming blended into one. Is it really July? Feels like it should still be March because of the spread of the virus. If the government had locked down the country earlier, had waited another few weeks before easing the lock down once it was in place then the number of deaths would have been a lot lower. The reason for juggling with the economy and people’s lives is down to one thing – Brexit and the no deal they have wanted all along.

With the economy in free fall following the virus, they couldn’t wait and had to try and get everything moving again. They have not entered into negotiations with honourable intentions since from the very beginning the plan was to leave without a deal and blame the outcome of Brexit on the EU. This now won’t wash because everyone knows that the Government should have requested an extension to the negotiations so that we could concentrate on the virus and then begin negotiations at a later date.

Most of the deaths can be laid fairly and squarely at the feet of the Government because up until lock down was announced they were progressing with an idea of herd immunity. It was only once people realised that around 500,000 would die with that outlook, mainly elderly and young, that people asked him to change his mind and do something about it. He pretended to by introducing a lock down and 2 metre social distancing (4 metres would almost certainly have stopped the virus in its tracks). The Government, like the American President, are still following herd immunity.

Will people wake up to this fact soon? I doubt it because the majority haven’t woken up to the fact that this virus is dangerous because once infected you are contagious for up to 14 days BEFORE you develop any symptoms. This means that you feel fine, no outward signs that anything is amiss, and spread the disease to everyone you come into contact with. This virus is much more virulent than anything we have seen before, and still the Government only want to protect the super wealthy 1% who pay into their war chest and support them when things go badly and they lose power for a while.

In return they pay little or no tax, receive vast handouts and get away with crimes against the planet and the population as a whole. The government is not ruling out tax hikes to pay for the help being given to the rich to enable the economy to recover. You just know these tax hikes will be aimed at those least able to pay them, those most able to pay extra taxes will go untaxed, or be left alone. There isn’t anything the Government will do to correct the imbalance and injustice they have perpetuated since 1979.