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Month: June, 2020

Why does everything have to come down to profit

I’ve just found out that our un-beloved (unelected) Prime Minister, Demonic Cummings, has never had planning permission for the holiday home he owns on his parents property and has also never paid Council Tax on it since it was built. Yet he has bet a cool million on a “No Deal” Brexit by the end of this year with a downturn in the economy and loss of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of jobs and lives.

He is still progressing with his herd immunity by getting BoJo to ease the lockdown restrictions hoping that people are going to be so pleased to be able to go shopping that they will crowd into the shops once they re-open next week, spreading the virus quicker because he thinks that poor people are poor because they are stupid (while there are some stupid people among the working class that isn’t the majority).

Anyway, the death toll is increasing now so watch the second wave hit soon with an even bigger spike than they had before. To cheer us all up, I heard from a friend the other day that they will not be using the Serco track and trace app because they are currently under investigation for fraudulently removing benefits from those who need it the most. The Government are still pushing this as the NHS track and trace app but it is another way to get information about everyone to sell to the USA. They’ve already sold our health data from the NHS and the NHS is up for grabs by their friends and tRump.

Don’t trust a Tory because they never can tell the truth, it seems to be inbred that the only way to maintain power over the masses is to lie and when one is discovered tell another bigger lie to cover it up. Keep the populace guessing the truth but never allow them to find out the glass ceiling is actually made of steel and concrete. Treat them like mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit until they can’t see the truth of your actions.

Why is it that people can’t view web sites they have been sent links to without opening an account? What are companies doing with all this data they are collecting about each and every one of us? They must be making an awful lot of profit from somewhere otherwise everything would be available to everyone. The internet was the free place to go for information and verification. Not so now, if you open a free account then chances are your information will be sold to as many companies who are willing to pay for it.

Anyway, things to do today and places to go so I will bid you farewell until the next time.

When the rain comes they run into the shade

Another post to try and lift your spirits (and mine) dear reader, you may have noticed since lockdown began that I haven’t used many lyrics as inspiration for my posts, used some as headings but that has been as far as it has gone. I’ve decided to leave the heavy stuff to Twitter and to attempt to bring some lighthearted views back onto this blog.

The Beatles were the most successful group in the 1960’s but they split up in October 1969 when John decided he wanted a divorce, Allen Klein had just signed 3 out of 4 of them and told them to keep it quiet until he had renegotiated their American Record deal with Capitol, however, Let It Be (still called Get Back in the beginning of 1970) kept having it’s release date put back while they found a producer willing to salvage an album out of the hundreds of hours of footage from Abbey Road and Elstree Film Studios. Eventually Phil Spector signed on to do that and the release date was confirmed as 8 May 1970. However Paul McCartney had already completed his solo album McCartney and it was ready to go with a release date of 17 April 1970. Klein and Apple Corps asked Paul to delay his album’s release until after the Let It Be album was released, he refused and put together a question and answer press release to precede his album’s release.

The questions on the sheet were put forward by his assistant from Apple and he provided the answers, this press release was then sent out with advance copies of his album and the news about the split of The Beatles was then made official. Of course, because Paul spilled the beans he was blamed for breaking up the group which John had founded in 1957 as the Quarrymen. The truth was available for all to see soon enough as John and George had both released solo albums while the group was still getting together once or twice a year to record a few singles and an album. George left first and Ritchie talked him into returning in 1969, John left in September 1969 and that was when the group decided not to continue with someones being called in to replace both John and George.

Of course they could have found another bassist to allow Paul to resume guitar duties, and another guitarist of George’s calibre to keep the group alive but they decided to split up completely and leave their legacy intact with the original 4 of them. If anyone doubts that they were all 4 heavily into peace and love and forming a utopia (an utopia?) then you only have to see how they all behaved throughout the 1970’s and beyond (the three that made it through the 1980’s).

Another day, another complication

Well, week twelve of my personal lock down passed without too many incidents. If we could find a way to ensure that all wars everywhere ended then I would feel that this has been worth the hassle and mental anguish caused. Unfortunately in some areas of the planet there are still those regimes who continue to kill and maim people. This is not going to criticise all those who are continuing to wage wars, although they deserve criticism, because this is not one of my blogs for a moan about the state of the planet.

There is far too many reasons to lose hope these days if you watch the news or follow the news on Twitter or Facebook, that’s why I want to share something here to cheer everyone up.

There are a lot of messages appearing on shirts, sweatshirts and vest tops which really tickled my funny bone so I thought I would share a few with you, dear reader.

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Normal service will never be restored

I keep losing track of the days, I just know another week has gone by when I notice there’s very little left in the fridge and we have to go shopping again for another week. Before Covid I used to travel on the bus almost daily to go and get shopping for that day and maybe the following day as well. Now it’s far too risky to go out to often and masks are far too expensive (single use masks £15 for 5 or £3 each but you can’t buy just one) the multiple use ones are around £15-20 each. From the 15 June our (extremely useless) Prime Minister is making it mandatory for everyone to wear one but the manufacturers will not be distributing them free.

Of course the manufacturers are people who have already made billions from the pandemic, and stand to make millions more. It is becoming more and more obvious that he hasn’t got a clue and will start blaming others soon for his mistakes, the public for following Cummings Law (do what the fuck you want because we want herd immunity), the NHS for failing to successfully bring people back from the dead. The opposition for letting them get away with murder, or maybe the socialists for being upset at the racist behaviour and racially motivated deaths here and the USA.

The thing about those working class people who keep voting for the CONservatives must like having their wages frozen, or lowered, since they keep forgetting how bad things are under the lying cheating corrupt bar stewards. What is going to happen following a no deal Brexit at the end of the year is businesses closing, job losses, more people trying to claim benefits and fewer paying into the public coffers to allow them to remain at the current level never mind increasing to a level where people don’t go hungry.

I have seen people tweeting calling for a revolution (mainly in the USA but a few here in the UK too) to be honest I think the time is ripe for one, people are beginning to wake up, slowly, to the injustice of the current Governments in both countries and, once the country is bankrupted there will be riots (we’ve had them in recent memory and more will come) where the police will use deadly force to try and maintain the status quo, but that will back fire because the more people who die at the hands of the racist police forces the more will rise to take their places.

I’m not advocating a revolution, however, I am pointing out that it is almost inevitable that changes today will only come by violent means being met with passive resistance by the many. Revolutionaries will never remain passive beyond a certain point and that is when the death tolls from Covid will pass into insignificance by the numbers being killed to uphold the right of the few to control the many by any means necessary. Mahatma Ghandi used passive resistance to gain control in India, but then East Pakistan and West Pakistan were formed by the minority religions in India. When East Pakistan decided they didn’t want to pay taxes to East Pakistan and declared themselves to be the independent state of Bangladesh there was a revolution before they were recognised as a country in their own right.

Similarly, Palestine has been under attack by Israel since 1947 and it is still going on now but the regime in Israel is seeking to eliminate every Palestinian to claim Palestine for themselves. If people say that I am anti-Semitic for pushing for Israel to leave Palestine and it’s people alone then so be it, however I am not advocating a pogrom against Jews or Jewish people only the Jewish State who are behaving towards Palestinians the same way they were treated in Europe from 1942-45 under the Nazis.

Everyone on this planet is human and deserves to be treated with respect until they do something to deny them that respect. We should also be moving to do something about the planet, since most countries introduced lockdown the carbon footprint of everyone has gone down, we have to keep it low or Covid will not be the last pandemic to hit humanity.

Please do not adjust your perception

Crazy but it’s true today as everyday for the last ? millennia, people are still perceiving themselves as superior. The truth is much clearer now than it ever was before, with blacks being killed in police custody more and more frequently in most of the “civilised” world. If a nation turns on its own citizens then it has lost the right to be called civilised in my view.

Black Lives Matter is taking off again in the USA, after it looked as though the racist behaviour was beginning to dissipate it’s raised it’s ugly head once again. Anyone who refuses to accept that police in every city across the USA have more racially motivated killings then they should watch a black man being arrested by two cops while he tells them repeatedly that they are stupid for doing it. After five minutes he tells one of them to look in his wallet where they find his FBI identification and remove the cuffs.

He was profiled for being black no other reason, if you don’t think this is an example of racist behaviour by white cops then please take a drive to Barnard Castle to test your eyesight. (After all if it works for Demonic then it should work for everyone) another video doing the rounds on Twitter today is of two ladies sitting together protesting against the death of George Floyd last week when two cops murdered him while a third watched them do it. One of them was white and she was pushed several times so they could arrest the black woman sitting next to her. Everyone should have the right to protest against injustice and not be arrested for doing just that.

There’s no way either woman was guilty of anything other than protesting against the cops who are, once more, going to get away with murder. If this doesn’t upset you then you are racist, no ifs no buts. I’m angry because I care when someone is wrongfully treated whoever is doing the mistreating. If you can’t get that then there is a problem with you. I care about other people and will continue to protest against the mistreatment of others wherever they are being mistreated.

Once you start victimising the oppressor then they feel they can do more to pressure you into becoming an oppressor yourself. We have to unite and shout against oppression wherever we see injustice or else we are all doomed to be under the boot of the Fascist and Nazi. All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. Remember they may not come for you first but if you say nothing while they come for your neighbours then there will be no one to speak out when they come for you.