No one here gets out alive

by davebarclay1954

I read an interesting artefact the other day, which I was going to expand upon in my last post but decided against it since it really deserves a place of its own. The German government offered BoJo PPE for the NHS, he turned them down and paid a friend of a friend double the amount asked for by Angela Merkel, and then there was delay after delay so that a lot of doctors and nurses caught the virus, because of a lack of PPE, and some of them sadly died.

Now it turns out that Apple, Google AND Angela Merkel offered a track and trace app FREE of CHARGE to BoJo and he refused to accept it (although 52 countries are using this track and trace app successfully) and paid £12m for an app created by a friend of Dom’s which isn’t working, so it was money spaffed up the wall (to use a phrase of BoJo and Dom). Why isn’t the Leader of the Opposition (LOTO) pulling him up every day in Westminster about this? Because there is no LOTO at the moment, Starmer is just like BoJo without the blue overcoat, he is a dyed in the wool Red Tory, just like Blair.

If we don’t end the rush back to capitalism once the virus is under control then we will see the planet dying before our very eyes. The thing is those in charge of the biggest economic countries don’t want to see people prosper, unless it is them and their cronies. The reports into Russian interference into the democratic processes from 2016 onwards have never seen the light of day so it’s about time Julian Assange was freed from prison so he can report on this corruption through Wikileaks.

People tend to believe what they read and hear from the MSM anyway so what does BoJo have to fear? Answer: a switch from backing him to backing Starmer by the foreign owners of the bulk of the MSM. After all, they wouldn’t get behind a socialist leader and he had to fight off all the lies spread about him over the 5 years he was leader, and a powerful thorn in the side of the government he was. Now the electorate have a mixed up choice come the next General Election, between Blue Tories and Red Tories.