Strange fascination, fascinating me

by davebarclay1954

There’s nowt as funny as folk, if you have ever sat back and watched as they go past then there are some interesting facets you do become aware of. For example the woman who stops and bends down to give her child back it’s bottle, who immediately pushes it away. Sometimes you see the woman repeatedly try to get the baby to take the bottle for itself, in other cases the woman will remove the bottle and leave the child to scream while pushing the buggy again.

There are strange things happening everywhere, fascinating things, worrying things and people doing things differently. While watching a group of lads I noticed they were staring in the same direction and when I looked over to see what it was, there was a lady walking holding her split skirt closed and they were obviously watching this to see if she lost it and it would blow open. A little while later I saw another woman in another split skirt who was letting it blow in the wind, on looking around I could see I was the only one who appeared to have noticed this.

I was told about a time my ex-sister-in-law went to Barbados and was lying on a beach with her bikini on, all the men were staring at her and so she complained to her husband about them all staring. He told her to remove her top and then they would stop staring. Sure enough once her top was off no one paid her any attention. Seems men will stare at strange things and not look at women who wander without clothes. I’m not suggesting for a minute that all men do that, because, obviously, there are some sick individuals out there.

In my many years of life I have seen so many things which would never have been considered normal when I was a child. Riots in the streets first happened in the 1960’s when students started finding out they could affect change just by raising their voices in unison. Now we have learned that lesson so we practice raising our voices together by starting a petition against injustice, whether in our country or another country. We take to the streets to protest peacefully against our Government but their supporters today will infiltrate the peaceful crowd and start violence against anyone within reach.

This is very reminiscent of what life was like in the Germany between the wars, especially in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s when the Nazi and Communist parties were recruiting criminals straight out of jail for violent crimes so that they could beat up all of their opposition. The biggest proponents of this in the USA are those MAGAt’s supporting tRump, while in the UK it’s the Conservative party and their supporters.