All I wanna do is have some fun

by davebarclay1954

When the pubs (bars) reopen on 4th July (American Independence Day) I just hope that people will remember how terribly Spoons CEO treated the staff and boycott his hundreds of bars. When the airlines reopen we should also boycott Virgin because Branson told his staff they were being laid off without pay until the airline resumed operations.

Of course, we all know what will happen once the pubs are reopened. To begin with people will keep their distance of 6 inches rigorously but as they drink more and get tipsy they will get closer together and before you know where you are we’re back to hundreds of deaths a day from 10’s or teens. Is BoJo trying to outdump the tRumpster for the number of excess deaths? He already has when you take the number of deaths per million people in the country.

Why are people surprised when BoJo fudges an answer to a direct question? The man is a psychological liar (just like tRump) so every time he opens his mouth you should expect either an outright provable lie, or at best a half truth shrouded in ambiguity and lies. He lied to his bosses, he lied to his wife, he lied to his mistresses, he doesn’t know how many children he has fathered, because he pays no maintenance for any of them. Why should he tell the truth to the electorate when he lies to everyone else? Answer, he lies every time he opens his mouth.

Anyhoo, does anyone intend going for a night out once lock down is fully eased? Before the number of deaths starts rising again? Or will you wait until there is a vaccine and everyone has been given it? I’m going for the latter and until then I will continue to stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS. If our NHS is going to be saved then we have to ensure it is pulled back under our control and isn’t subjected to price hikes by the market forces selling services and medications to the NHS.

If you agree with me that the NHS should be fully funded by central Government then please sign the petition at

Or any of the other petitions on I have signed a few of them myself because I think it’s a disgrace that the student nurses were told they would be paid for helping out and are now being sacked because the numbers of people needing ICU beds has dropped dramatically ahead of the second wave (it is coming people just look at China).