Day 500 – lockdown crazy

by davebarclay1954

I know it’s not day 500, yet, it just feels like it. I know a lot of us are trying to remain sane in the madness so I thought I’d help with the crazy. No not to cure it, just to make it worse and try to cheer everyone up. If we don’t see the funny side of life then we’re going to cry.

If you can see the funny in every disaster then you will have nothing to cry about, it’s fun to be humorous in crazy times because that way nothing matters. As someone somewhere once said, if you can keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs, maybe you don’t have a handle on the situation.

The band played on while the Titanic sank to try and avoid people panicking, maybe it didn’t work but they tried anyway. Because it was supposed to be unsinkable they didn’t have enough life boats for everyone to get off and be saved. More died of hypothermia than drowned, yet very few of them lived to tell the tale.

In the face of disasters there are always those who can find something to poke fun at, as Ricky Gervais said you can always joke about anything, you will upset someone but the trick is not to give a shit. If you worry about offending people you will never do anything, the best thing to do is just to do it and take the flak afterwards. You can please all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you’ll never please all the people all of the time.

If you live with crazy people then don’t try and lower your standards to become crazy with them. Yes, even with all the evidence of the death toll some people still think the corona virus is a huge hoax, those people won’t be convinced by you or I telling them different, maybe if they catch the virus and then recover they will believe but I wouldn’t bank on it.

Stupid is as stupid does, as my mum always said. Not everyone marches to the same drummer some march to a different one to you, there’s no cure for stupid so try not to catch it, be crazy if you need to be but don’t be hiding your head in the sand. Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.