You say you want a revolution

by davebarclay1954

Well you know, we all wanna change the world. It’s absolutely disgusting that so many charities are expected to declare bankruptcy this year, so more of them are chasing less money and, while I appreciate that there is a shortfall in the economy because of lock down but why can’t Government do more? Because there’s no profit in charity.

The only charity donations made by the disgustingly wealthy is to private schools so there children learn how to be bullies, waste their lives, become total racists and enjoy gay sex. We all know what goes on at places like Eton and Rugby. The only schools where corporal punishment is still practised (not by masters on pupils but by the oldest on the youngest). They still have “fags” those youngsters who are expected to fetch and carry for the most obnoxious in the school, fail and they are caned, succeed and they are buggered. That these educational institutions still carry charity status is a disgrace.

Public school education only turns out leaders because of the way the establishment is rigged. Isn’t it about time things changed for the better? To support the many the few should be forced to pay their fair share of the financial burden. Austerity benefits the few by the sacrifices expected from the many. Too many people have died because of Tory inadequacy yet they keep lying to keep being elected and even boast about it. They snort cocaine in the House of Commons and are really open about it. To the extent that it is making a mockery out of the war on drugs being fought by the police. But then they have always made laws believing they are above the law.

What do we have today in the UK? A choice at the next election between Tory lies and Tory-Lite policies. This Government wants a no deal Brexit because they have gambled millions on the country being bankrupted by it, gambling millions to make billions. Knowing full well that they will have to do a runner once the brown stuff hits the big whirly thing in the corner. They won’t be worried though because they will be welcomed into the USA with open arms. What about the electorate which put them into the position of selling us all out? They are too stupid to care that they will have been told what was going to happen only to watch silently as it happens.