Something’s going on but you don’t know what it is

by davebarclay1954

No this isn’t going to be a political rant about injustice, although there is still a lot of that just now. No it isn’t going to be a post relating to events in the time since my last post, although that is quite scary just now. And no it isn’t featuring the song from the title either, please do not adjust your mentality, there is still a problem with reality but just for fun I thought I would ask some serious questions and hope that, between us, we can come up with an answer that makes sense out of the insanity gripping most of the planet at the moment.

There are a lot of people protesting in the West at the pointless death of an unarmed black man (George Floyd) and using the #BlackLivesMatter with some of them having the countries displayed on them (such as UK, Sweden, Australia) at the end. Yes his death at the hands of the white cop kneeling on his neck for almost 9 minutes was shocking and the protests are understandable since it was looking like the cop was going to get away with his crime. However, the protesters were peaceful until the far-right started to infiltrate the protests and kick off by attacking the police and getting tear gas and rubber bullets fired into the crowd.

My first question is this, why did the far-right Governments allow their followers to infiltrate peaceful protests with violence? Why weren’t the police aware that those causing the violence and attacking them were following the orders of their Government? Finally, on this topic, why have the media made it out that the peaceful protesters are the ones causing damage and attacking the police?

Another set of blindingly obvious signs is available that the Russian Government is behind a lot of the riots and other behaviours going on in the West these days. The Mueller Report into Russian involvement with tRump was only released when it was very heavily redacted. The report carried out in the UK into Russian involvement in British politics since 2016 was hushed up, rush released during the shut down of Parliament for the election in 2019 so that it would never see the light of the day in this century, the trade talks between tRump and BoJo are going to be kept secret for at least 5 years and all of this adds up to a lot of questions.

On this topic what are tRump and BoJo afraid of the public finding out? Did the Russians interfere in the Referendum and the Presidential elections in 2016? Have tRump and BoJo (who until recently held dual citizenship with the USA, until he received a huge tax bill from the IRS for unpaid taxes) got something to hide regarding the NHS that neither side wants to come out until the ink has dried? Final question on this topic is: what has Putin got on tRump and BoJo that has them running scared?

If any of you out there have any ideas at all about any of these questions then please send your answers on an unstamped addressed elephant to the usual suspects as soon as possible, thank you.