Why does everything have to come down to profit

by davebarclay1954

I’ve just found out that our un-beloved (unelected) Prime Minister, Demonic Cummings, has never had planning permission for the holiday home he owns on his parents property and has also never paid Council Tax on it since it was built. Yet he has bet a cool million on a “No Deal” Brexit by the end of this year with a downturn in the economy and loss of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of jobs and lives.

He is still progressing with his herd immunity by getting BoJo to ease the lockdown restrictions hoping that people are going to be so pleased to be able to go shopping that they will crowd into the shops once they re-open next week, spreading the virus quicker because he thinks that poor people are poor because they are stupid (while there are some stupid people among the working class that isn’t the majority).

Anyway, the death toll is increasing now so watch the second wave hit soon with an even bigger spike than they had before. To cheer us all up, I heard from a friend the other day that they will not be using the Serco track and trace app because they are currently under investigation for fraudulently removing benefits from those who need it the most. The Government are still pushing this as the NHS track and trace app but it is another way to get information about everyone to sell to the USA. They’ve already sold our health data from the NHS and the NHS is up for grabs by their friends and tRump.

Don’t trust a Tory because they never can tell the truth, it seems to be inbred that the only way to maintain power over the masses is to lie and when one is discovered tell another bigger lie to cover it up. Keep the populace guessing the truth but never allow them to find out the glass ceiling is actually made of steel and concrete. Treat them like mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit until they can’t see the truth of your actions.

Why is it that people can’t view web sites they have been sent links to without opening an account? What are companies doing with all this data they are collecting about each and every one of us? They must be making an awful lot of profit from somewhere otherwise everything would be available to everyone. The internet was the free place to go for information and verification. Not so now, if you open a free account then chances are your information will be sold to as many companies who are willing to pay for it.

Anyway, things to do today and places to go so I will bid you farewell until the next time.