When the rain comes they run into the shade

by davebarclay1954

Another post to try and lift your spirits (and mine) dear reader, you may have noticed since lockdown began that I haven’t used many lyrics as inspiration for my posts, used some as headings but that has been as far as it has gone. I’ve decided to leave the heavy stuff to Twitter and to attempt to bring some lighthearted views back onto this blog.

The Beatles were the most successful group in the 1960’s but they split up in October 1969 when John decided he wanted a divorce, Allen Klein had just signed 3 out of 4 of them and told them to keep it quiet until he had renegotiated their American Record deal with Capitol, however, Let It Be (still called Get Back in the beginning of 1970) kept having it’s release date put back while they found a producer willing to salvage an album out of the hundreds of hours of footage from Abbey Road and Elstree Film Studios. Eventually Phil Spector signed on to do that and the release date was confirmed as 8 May 1970. However Paul McCartney had already completed his solo album McCartney and it was ready to go with a release date of 17 April 1970. Klein and Apple Corps asked Paul to delay his album’s release until after the Let It Be album was released, he refused and put together a question and answer press release to precede his album’s release.

The questions on the sheet were put forward by his assistant from Apple and he provided the answers, this press release was then sent out with advance copies of his album and the news about the split of The Beatles was then made official. Of course, because Paul spilled the beans he was blamed for breaking up the group which John had founded in 1957 as the Quarrymen. The truth was available for all to see soon enough as John and George had both released solo albums while the group was still getting together once or twice a year to record a few singles and an album. George left first and Ritchie talked him into returning in 1969, John left in September 1969 and that was when the group decided not to continue with someones being called in to replace both John and George.

Of course they could have found another bassist to allow Paul to resume guitar duties, and another guitarist of George’s calibre to keep the group alive but they decided to split up completely and leave their legacy intact with the original 4 of them. If anyone doubts that they were all 4 heavily into peace and love and forming a utopia (an utopia?) then you only have to see how they all behaved throughout the 1970’s and beyond (the three that made it through the 1980’s).