Normal service will never be restored

by davebarclay1954

I keep losing track of the days, I just know another week has gone by when I notice there’s very little left in the fridge and we have to go shopping again for another week. Before Covid I used to travel on the bus almost daily to go and get shopping for that day and maybe the following day as well. Now it’s far too risky to go out to often and masks are far too expensive (single use masks £15 for 5 or £3 each but you can’t buy just one) the multiple use ones are around £15-20 each. From the 15 June our (extremely useless) Prime Minister is making it mandatory for everyone to wear one but the manufacturers will not be distributing them free.

Of course the manufacturers are people who have already made billions from the pandemic, and stand to make millions more. It is becoming more and more obvious that he hasn’t got a clue and will start blaming others soon for his mistakes, the public for following Cummings Law (do what the fuck you want because we want herd immunity), the NHS for failing to successfully bring people back from the dead. The opposition for letting them get away with murder, or maybe the socialists for being upset at the racist behaviour and racially motivated deaths here and the USA.

The thing about those working class people who keep voting for the CONservatives must like having their wages frozen, or lowered, since they keep forgetting how bad things are under the lying cheating corrupt bar stewards. What is going to happen following a no deal Brexit at the end of the year is businesses closing, job losses, more people trying to claim benefits and fewer paying into the public coffers to allow them to remain at the current level never mind increasing to a level where people don’t go hungry.

I have seen people tweeting calling for a revolution (mainly in the USA but a few here in the UK too) to be honest I think the time is ripe for one, people are beginning to wake up, slowly, to the injustice of the current Governments in both countries and, once the country is bankrupted there will be riots (we’ve had them in recent memory and more will come) where the police will use deadly force to try and maintain the status quo, but that will back fire because the more people who die at the hands of the racist police forces the more will rise to take their places.

I’m not advocating a revolution, however, I am pointing out that it is almost inevitable that changes today will only come by violent means being met with passive resistance by the many. Revolutionaries will never remain passive beyond a certain point and that is when the death tolls from Covid will pass into insignificance by the numbers being killed to uphold the right of the few to control the many by any means necessary. Mahatma Ghandi used passive resistance to gain control in India, but then East Pakistan and West Pakistan were formed by the minority religions in India. When East Pakistan decided they didn’t want to pay taxes to East Pakistan and declared themselves to be the independent state of Bangladesh there was a revolution before they were recognised as a country in their own right.

Similarly, Palestine has been under attack by Israel since 1947 and it is still going on now but the regime in Israel is seeking to eliminate every Palestinian to claim Palestine for themselves. If people say that I am anti-Semitic for pushing for Israel to leave Palestine and it’s people alone then so be it, however I am not advocating a pogrom against Jews or Jewish people only the Jewish State who are behaving towards Palestinians the same way they were treated in Europe from 1942-45 under the Nazis.

Everyone on this planet is human and deserves to be treated with respect until they do something to deny them that respect. We should also be moving to do something about the planet, since most countries introduced lockdown the carbon footprint of everyone has gone down, we have to keep it low or Covid will not be the last pandemic to hit humanity.