DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MIND – There is a fault with reality.

by davebarclay1954

In Paris in 1968 this was plastered everywhere, unfortunately it has since become true throughout the West ever since the Russians started meddling in politics to hack their way into bringing down every major power that has been pushing sanctions against them for their incursion and annexation of the Crimea which should still be under the control of Ukraine.

The outcome of this was tried and tested in the United Kingdom by hacking the referendum, otherwise the Russia Report would have been published straight away and not buried under the guise of fighting Covid-19. Having succeeded in destroying (so they assumed) the entire European Union they moved onto the US and hijacked their Presidential election in 2016, and are prepared to do so again in 2020, although tRump lost to Hilary in the votes of the people, he won the backing of the electoral college and took the election through the backdoor.

In times like this a lot of people are talking about gas lighting, this means lies are being spouted slowly taking the truth and wiping it away as fake news. That is not what is happening, if you watched the car wreck that is Dominic Cummings using a get out clause designed to help women escape being locked down with an abuser, not him breaking the rules he had written. This is pure and simple propaganda, twisting the truth until it is unrecognisable in order to maintain the status quo.

This proposal was originally put forward by the biggest liar in the history of the 20th Century, Joseph Goebbels, he took propaganda to a new low in the cause of conquering the planet by Nazi Germany. Not ever German in the 1930’s was a Nazi but they were forced to join the party and elections were cancelled once Adolf Hitler had been given a majority in the Reichstag it remains to be seen if the same thing happens here once Britain becomes the dumping ground for the world’s inferior products, with no health and safety and minimum wage abolished.