Strange days with a feast of friends

This country is going downhill faster than a handbasket going to hell the outpouring of animosity towards this Government hasn’t taken long to turn around. All it took was the leaking of a story that Demonic Cummings travelled from London to Durham twice during lockdown. The Government started off by saying it was all lies then admitted he had done it for child care reasons, his sister-in-law lives 2.5 miles away from his address in London and he has an aide living 2 streets away so he must really hate his parents to drive all that way when him and his wife were both displaying signs of Covid-19.

He thinks nothing of trying to dispose of as many people as possible since the original plan of herd immunity by killing off 500,000 people (a CONservative estimate by the Governments scientists) was only knocked on the head when people realised that no one in Westminster would lose anyone and it would only be the plebs that were dying. After all those with money could easily work from home and didn’t need to run the risk of catching the disease.

Why is it always one rule for the rich and another for the masses? My heart goes out to all those sticking to the rules no matter what the consequences and missed out on spending the final hours with loved ones who died because of the virus. We have lost far too many because the Government was to slow to react, while we were away from home because of the rewiring being done one of my wife’s colleagues at work was tested for Covid and the result was positive so everyone there started working from home the next day. My wife didn’t find out until she arrived at work on the Monday and was told to work from home from the Tuesday (the 10th March) until further notice. She has now been advised that the office will not be reopening until at least the 10th July but that those with underlying health conditions (my wife falls into this category) will not be going back in the first wave.

All this while the death toll in the North East is still rising every day there should not be talk of easing the lock down up here. However, it seems that a lot of people from London keep heading up here (Londoners have never kept to social distancing therefore there are presumably a lot of them who have survived the virus) are coming up, heading to our beaches and refusing to maintain social distancing rules.

Couple that with the stories of Demonic and you have a lot of pissed off people on this little island who are completely fed up with the rich thinking they can do whatever they want.