Going into month 3 of my lock down

by davebarclay1954

When I first became aware of the dangers posed by Covid-19 and the way it is spread I decided to become locked down from the beginning of March. Because of this and the fact that Seahouses was really beautiful while we were up there, we went out twice, once for food and fridge magnets and the other for exercise. I don’t mind staying in when there is something to do but my wife is unable to cope with not going out, however, now we go out for food once a week and she will stay in the car while I go and fight stupid people eager to spread the disease far and wide and kill off even more with the full backing of this lazy Government we have been lumbered with.

When Johnson was asked to lockdown the country in February (because of one known case of covid-19, he said that maybe we should just take it on the chin and let the disease go through the country with almost everyone infected and accept the hundreds of thousands of deaths (up to half a million according to papers leaked to the press) and look for herd immunity. It was only once people started putting pressure on him because it turned out the death toll was rising more quickly here than in Italy where they had no warning ahead of the cases hitting their hospitals.

I would like to know what the country were thinking of by electing him in December 2019. Of course Brexit was the big thing he was elected for but he is still not prepared to fight the virus and try for a deal with our European neighbours after wards. He is the laziest PM I have ever known, he takes holidays at the drop of a hat, does two days work a week and needs to disappear from sight for a further two weeks in between.

We needed a leader and we got a lazy liar, a total bizarre turn of events because during the electioneering process he was invisible for days at a time and was also seen hiding from the press because they poked fun at him for his bluster and humming and hawing. If we hadn’t relaxed the lock down then people were getting fed up with staying at home and had already started going out and socialising which may have prompted his action. Going from a yellow and red slogan he has gone to a green and yellow slogan which is meaningless and leaves people thinking the virus is almost done, or at least going away, leaving them free to return to life as normal as it was before the lock down.