Covid-19 isn’t affecting every country the same

by davebarclay1954

From the New York Times

This is a very interesting article without any answers, it seems some populations are being devastated by the virus while others are not. The result of early lock downs explains some of the results but does not give the entire picture.

If the restrictions are lifted too soon then there will be a huge rise in cases when they are still rising in the country. Countries which locked down early and are only now beginning to ease the lock down because no new cases have been reported, are likely to have another lock down should any new cases be reported. Why has quarantine only been put in place today for people returning to the UK? Other countries introduced those measures at the beginning of their lock down.

Seems like the two countries with the highest death tolls are being led by complete morons who care more about the economy than people. Is there anywhere else on the planet where greed and avarice have been so disruptive as to lead to so many deaths at the hand of the Government by what actions they took, or didn’t take? Racism had almost completely disappeared underground when the referendum in the UK and the Presidential elections in the USA were won by the racists, since then racial deaths have been on the rise.

This pandemic should be the end to all hatred, since it doesn’t care who you are, which level of society you are from, your skin colour, your sexual preferences or gender. The wars in the Middle East are still ongoing, the borders between countries still have tensions so maybe we should raise our voices and tell those countries responsible for continuing to bomb, shoot at and kill people for no other reasons than expanding their borders. Now is the ideal time to stop the killing, wars and put crime firmly into the number one slot in every country with law enforcement having the power to pursue criminals wherever they go. Co-operation and changing ways has to be the way forward, we cannot go back to the way the world was.

We have an excellent chance to make the changes needed to ensure everyone can have access to free health care, funded by the wealthy who can afford it since they have been taking advantage of working people since money was invented. They used to steal with force before then, taking whatever they wanted and killing everyone who stood in their way. That’s how kings and queens were born, then they fought amongst themselves in order to take greater control of an area until they had an empire, but even that wasn’t enough to satisfy them.

If you look back in your history books, then you will see that the conqueror always enslaved the conquered. It’s time to end slavery, hatred and bigotry forever now, if we shout it loud enough (in other words together) then we can achieve this and so much more today. We are influencing Governments more now than ever before thanks to the power of the internet. We can’t stop now without returning to the darkness of the past with the wealthy stomping over the workforce. Instead of reducing ourselves to nations we should be transforming into a global network. We didn’t need a virus to make us suddenly care for our neighbours, that was always there under the surface, the wealthy on the other hand think they were born to take advantage of everyone else.

Those days when we were slaves to the wealthy has to end now, we should all have the right to health care, a home, and enough food to feed everyone, because at the moment more food is wasted than is eaten. If we stop waste and start revitalising the planet there will be more than enough food to go around, if we pool our resources globally then everyone can eat, everyone can have a home with rents or mortgages easily affordable, no one should be allowed to own more than one home for their own personal use. Immigration should not be a barrier, people should be free to go where the work is, and be paid decently for doing it.