Warning: there is a rant coming

by davebarclay1954

Why is it that people will keep at least 2 metres apart while waiting to get inside a supermarket then as soon as they are inside they will bump into people, go the wrong way down the aisles when the staff have put arrows to indicate a one-way system? It’s getting worse every week and soon I won’t go out and, since there aren’t any delivery slots for the next 6 weeks I will starve to death. The latest news in the UK is that if BoJo doesn’t ease the lock down restrictions from Monday then people will go against his recommendations and start congregating (as they have been doing anyway in London and other towns and cities across the UK).

Every Thursday people go outside their doors to show appreciation for the carers and hospital staff, some of them refuse to practise social distancing and remaining at home. They are applauding the efforts of the nurses and doctors while doing their utmost to infect as many people as possible to try and bring the NHS down. We need to have a properly funded, managed NHS in order to avoid pandemics like this one killing it off completely, which this government is determined to do.

If we want to save our NHS and show every other country on the planet that it is possible to have a health service free to everyone in time of need then we have to stop privatisation immediately and reverse it by re-nationalising the entire NHS today. It will only last as long as people are prepared to fight to keep it, our Government don’t like it although they will use it. The Labour Right (Tory-Lite that they are) won’t re-nationalise it and make sure it is completely funded correctly. Able to survive the next wave of Covid-19 which is going to come within the next 3 weeks.

The worst country in Europe, highest deaths, slow to act and quick to ignore scientific advice from the World Health Organisation by removing some lock down conditions far too quickly because of pressure from big business and the Americans. Of course the dumpster is going out come November if the elections are fair and not corrupted by Russian hackers to keep him in the White House, after all he lost in 2016 but the Russian hackers made out he won so he could help them to destroy the capitalists (in case you thought he was one he has been bankrupted more often than anyone else, refuses to pay his bills or employees).

OK, the reason for this rant was the stupid woman in Tesco this morning/afternoon who told me to get a life and ignored me when I said I wanted to be alive to enjoy it when I could have a life again. I also said that if she wanted to kill herself then to go ahead but leave others out of her death wish.