Here we all are sitting in a rainbow

by davebarclay1954

Yes, it’s finally happened here as it came to pass in the USA, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Crazy is now so normal that when the MSM report that the lock down IS ending on 11 May 2020 (courtesy of the right wing press and BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, people start congregating to congratulate each other on avoiding the virus as they have done every day for the last four weeks.

Even if the lock down is relaxed from Monday, then we should not be rushing out into the street, filling buses and forgetting about social distancing because everyone infected over the last week won’t be showing symptoms for another week to 10 days. The killer has not gone, just that those businesses who pay millions into the Tory party coffers, and even more into BoJo’s pocket, are watching their profits disappear while the lock down lasts and they are bringing the power of their money down to force the Government to get staff back at work so that profits will be coming in again. Not for us the people, but for the wealthy idiots who want profit over lives.

If we continue to allow the right to move further right then we have no one to blame but ourselves when the opposition start moving further to the left, after all capitalism is all about profits, capitalists don’t care if you die as long as you increase their profits before you do. Brexit is not being delayed and we will be crashing out without a deal because even without the pandemic there was never going to be enough time to reach an agreement by the end of June 2020. (BoJo announced this earlier date when he had an 81 majority in the Commons). Following on from the pandemic’s first wave this country will be sinking faster than a bottom less boat in the middle of the Atlantic come July.

If we don’t join together and force him to listen to our voices rather than the voices of the few then we are the ones who will lose out, minimum wage will be scrapped when jobs are being lost hand over fist, rights for workers will be scrapped when the unions complain about their influence once again being weakened. Those of us who lived through the disastrous Thatch years (1979-1990) don’t want to see a return to the time when profits are everything and the few are given powers to minimise disruptions and pay whatever they can get away with, with the many having no recourse in law against unfair dismissal because the employers will be able to hire and fire at will.

Some of us predicted this would be the case from 2017-2019 but it fell on deaf ears, now I’m so pleased that I have retired from work because I would not want to be a youngster today who will have to work until they die because there will not be a state pension for them. I just hope those working class people who voted Tory in 2019 are pleased with this outcome, also those who allowed the Tories in with a massive majority by voting for the Lib-Dems and splitting the anti-Government vote to allow a party polling 47% of voters to form a majority Government.