Good morning everyone

by davebarclay1954

Still under lock down and the lies are still coming in thick and fast from our Governments, why is it that in a time of crisis when we should be hearing the truth about the virus and deaths from it, our politicians continue to lie, deceive us every day with the figures of tests carried out and deaths from Covid-19? The state in the world today is that more and more people are being infected as people become frustrated with lock down and go out and refuse to keep any distance between themselves and me.

I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have 3 underlying health conditions which mean that if I do get the virus then it will kill me. I may have survived against the odds as a toddler, doctors told my mum that when I contracted meningitis there was an 80% chance of me dying, six months later I was fully recovered and am still living today by trying to minimise my contact with others.

When people refuse to keep to social distance they should realise that they are increasing the chance of the virus continuing to spread and kill more and more people. If they are fed up then why don’t they stay indoors and maintain social distancing in order to end the lock down sooner? These are the same people who voted the lying bunch of thieves into power and wanted to “Take it on the chin and rely on herd immunity” without realising that this measure would have led to hundreds of thousands dead, all of them someone’s nearest and dearest.

Right that’s enough of a rant so here goes with something I’ve found on Amazon Prime: Star Trek Picard. It’s every bit as good as the Next Generation was (I’m also watching that again on Syfy here in the UK). Jeri is still amazing as 7 of 9. (not that she appeared in Next Gen in the 80’s). Data aged and it showed when he was re-introduced in the final episode of Season 1. For those who don’t like Science Fiction, there is a welcome relief as Star Wars the Skywalker saga has now finished with the 9th movie now being out on DVD and Blu-Ray. I don’t know what I will be doing now that there are no more episodes to watch out for.

There isn’t a lot on tv that hasn’t been seen before, however, last night I watched the Untouchables with Robert De Niro as Al Capone, Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness and Sean Connery as Malone. It’s only the second time I’ve seen this movie (first time was in the cinema, remember them?) and it gripped me from the get go. Surprising that I haven’t seen it since the cinema until now. I can’t remember when it was made but it still is a fantastic film. I have also tried to watch NCIS from the beginning but get bored when they show episodes that have been on hundreds of times before, maybe I should have waited until they started again and then started watching completely from the beginning.