What is wrong with me?

by davebarclay1954

I don’t intend to write a diatribe and have a go at anyone. If it goes that way please forgive me but I will try to get back on topic and cheer everyone up as quickly as possible.

Every day we are seeing people congregate in groups (with social distancing being practised) to clap for the key workers (carers and others keeping the country going) as well as people in Italy, Spain and other countries (not forgetting New Orleans) to make people smile by bringing music to them in these strange days. One thing that most people are doing is trying to spread cheer to others, some areas there are those who will ask if they can get anything from shops for others in their community when they go out later that day.

The main thing around just now, even with social distancing, is that communities are beginning to come together to make life more bearable. We are seeing a resurgence in socialist activities and ideals, where everyone takes care of everyone else and no one feels that they are alone. If we can maintain this feeling then we may yet get together and provide free health care for everyone. I feel that life has to change because of this, we can’t continue to destroy the natural habitat of our wild neighbours because if we do then other viruses will transmute to infect us from those animals we make homeless.

Yes, with social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future it is going to be a strange time for everyone, but there are ways we can still connect with others, using the internet we can have video calls, often with multiple people getting in on the call. We are unique in that respect, we have the technology and we are using it so that everyone can feel inter-connected. If only there was some way to unite the planet so that the rich could pay for free health care for everyone everywhere, not that they will willingly do this but if Governments came together then we could all clamour for this to happen.

A lot of countries have adapted our National Health Service to fit their own countries needs. Raising the money to fund this from taxes on corporations and taxing wealth. However, as long as there are tax havens out there operating in secrecy then there are always those who will flout the law and keep money in offshore secret accounts which go undeclared and untraced. People power has to be brought to bear and, if we act together then we can move mountains, stop these tax havens from operating.