In these strange days of change and isolation

by davebarclay1954

We are all in danger, the killer doing the rounds today is invisible and dangerous because of that. Too many people are protesting about the lockdown, they hate being cooped up so go out and refuse to social distance, bumping into people who are most at risk from the virus and not caring how many people they may infect and kill.

How many of you out there are like me? Having an underlying health condition, also having mental illness where the isolation is driving you nuts? Then look at those idiots who are out and about with friends and neighbours and not social distancing, they could be infected because it can take up to 2 weeks, 14 days, for the symptoms to show and then they are still contagious for the same period after they lose the symptoms. They don’t care if they infect you or me and we die as a result of their idiocy and deserve to be locked up for putting people’s lives in danger. They are, after all, guilty of attempted murder.

I have noticed that POTUS45 is still all over social media putting his eugenics out there for all to see, sounding crazier than ever but, still the racists in the US love him, makes no sense to me. Our PM on the other hand has done another disappearing act, seems to me that every time the country needs a leader he goes missing. The current leader of the opposition keeps pushing for an exit strategy to be announce instead of asking what is going to be done to prevent idiots going around in gangs and destroying property which our carers need in order to do their jobs, that is being left to the previous leader of the opposition to do from the sidelines.

Of course the MSM, seeing that the Labour Party is now being led by another Blairite into a second spasm of Tory Lite is backing them to take power, just like they did in 1997 when we ended up with Blair. What this country needs is a united party which will work to get elected into Government instead of working against that goal as happened last year. We would not be in this mess if Jeremy Corbyn had been elected since his first priority was to give the NHS the funding it needed to be ready for this crisis. It may have hit too quickly but he would have called the lockdown in February rather than waiting until the end of March.

Other countries, when they locked down earlier have recorded fewer deaths than Italy and Spain, we could have done the same but for a Government hell bent on trying to kill off as many elderly, young and weakened people as possible. The official death toll is only those dying from COVID-19 in hospital, there are those dying at home or in care homes from this disease who are not being counted therefore the actual total is probably closer to 50,000 or even higher. We need to test everybody then we will have an idea of how widespread this disease has already spread. Unfortunately the Government doesn’t want to do this since they are still trying to kill people off.

Now that tRump is blatantly blaming China it won’t be very long before our politicians do the same, after all they have already blamed the population who are not staying at home, the health workers and manufacturers of PPE and ventilators for not getting in touch with them. The truth is that when these manufacturers did contact ministers they were ignored and then sold their equipment to European countries in order to clear their stocks and get them out where they were needed. tRump should have called for a blanket lockdown in every State in the Union and Washington DC as well. Then he would have saved lives, but just like our PM, he refused to do this, looking instead to the 51 Governors to do his job for him.

If we don’t remain indoors as much as possible then the lockdown will never be eased, we will remain prisoners in our own minds and suffer the consequences of this as we go further into despair and those who refuse to social distance and go against the flow in our supermarkets will extend this indefinitely until a cure is found to stop this disease in its tracks. I think that Governments around the world owe it to their citizens to work together to find a cure and there should be an end to all hostilities everywhere now. After all, why try to kill your neighbours when the virus is killing your citizens?