It’s a little bit funny how the days blend into one

by davebarclay1954

It feels a little like the apocalypse has happened and this is what is left for us today, nothing but remaining inside with very little physical contact with others unless you are able to stay indoors with your significant others. I was thinking of calling this post “When is a spade not a spade” but realised that could be construed as racist (I’m not above courting controversy but not in regards to race).

If we learn nothing from this pandemic then we deserve to be wiped out as a species once it is over. It should be teaching us a very valuable lesson in that we all rely on each other to keep us safe and society should be different once the lockdowns end in our respective countries. Don’t let anyone tell you that there won’t be another strain of deadly virus coming along soon because there will be unless we work together to end climate change, preserve the wildlife we have and encourage the maintenance of the natural habitats needed to prevent further extinction of species.

The different countries of the planet will have to work together more than ever and we should not be talking of this country or that country but this planet needs us all to unite before further damage is done to the eco-system we are all part of. Everyone is in this together and we have to ensure there is enough for everyone among us. Enough healthcare, enough food and medicine, enough natural habitat for our animal neighbours and stop destroying this planet because it is fighting back and since we are the virus it is trying to destroy us before we destroy it.

It’s time to make a stand and I have been fighting alone, sniping at people from the hidden vantage point but the time has come to unite with everyone who feels as I do that this is the time for action. It is not a time to play politics with lives, that has been happening since the end of the 20th Century and we are worse off now because of the oil barons and OPEC bringing out of the ground those carbons the planet buried long ago. Time to move on to a new world order and new world powering source, electricity can be generated in other ways than oil or gas fired plants. We have to change our ways now, today, before it’s too late to do so.

Now is not the time for walls between countries, or separating from neighbours, now is the time to all come together and create a united planet, this won’t be easy with the current politicians we have in power but we, the people, have to demand our governments work in unison for the benefit of all. Capitalism creates poverty and this has almost destroyed the planet in creating profit for those already wealthy so it is time for a different plan. A new plan which will put people ahead of greed, there are much more poor people than wealthy people and if we rise up together and demand action to share the wealth for the benefit of everyone that doesn’t mean the wealthy becoming poor, they will just stop making obscene profits from destruction and work together to stop poverty, destruction of the planet in the name of profit and healing the sick.

Just imagine the good they could do if they were forced to use their massive wealth in order to provide free health care for all, free schools for all, free education to everyone at any time they wanted to use it? This wouldn’t make them bankrupt any more than paying their workers a decent living wage so no family had to have two working partners to keep their head above water. I am not going to be popular with either the leaders of the UK or the USA by proposing this but it is time for a global change providing for the rights of every citizen globally to live in peace, where they want to live, without restriction on movement and cost of travel. I am proposing that everyone on the planet works together for the benefit of all, greed is outlawed and profit becomes a dirty word. Whether we still pay for food and other essentials in the longer term will depend on how credit is managed today.

From time to time the price of freedom has to be paid in blood and this has to be done in order for every man, woman and child to be free. We all come into the world in the same way, from a woman, and all exit the same way, in death. Doesn’t it make sense for us all to work together for the benefit of all while here? You may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope some day you join us and the world can indeed live as one. Thank you for reading this far, dear reader.