Tell a lie, make it a whopper Part 2

by davebarclay1954

Goebbels coined the phrase that if you tell a huge lie often enough then people will believe it is the truth. The Republican Party in the USA and the CONservative Party in the UK have really taken this to heart in recent years. Indeed in the run up to the General Election in 2019, Michael Gove, the Minister most likely to be coked up, told reporters that the Tories were telling lies all the time because “it wins (us) elections, therefore why would we ever revert back to telling the truth?”

On the 12 December 2019 he was, unsurprisingly, proved right on the money with his prediction, after ruining the best man to handle the covid-19 crisis we are currently experiencing. So much so that he is standing down once his party finds a new leader this Saturday. BoJo has done his usual disappearing act, claiming he has been tested positive for covid-19, he displays no symptoms, no cough, no sneezing, no shortage of breath, making the vast majority of the country convinced he has lied to avoid facing any harsh questions about why he hasn’t made it clear who constitutes a key worker and who doesn’t. Why the Health and Caring Professionals are not being tested and do not have adequate PPE supplies to ensure their safety.

I am staying in and avoiding people as much as possible because on the 27th of this month I turn 66, also having a damaged liver, heart and kidney disease I’m at risk of dying if I do catch this virus. (The heart and kidney disease isn’t very serious though as I’m heart lazy and kidney be bothered). Hey you have to laugh or else you’d cry, I’m already going stir crazy, my wife is working from home, has been promised to have her chair delivered to her for the last 3 weeks yet is still waiting and her back is suffering because the only chair she can sit on for 8 hours a day is a dining room chair designed for an hour maximum twice a day.

She is on a final written warning because of her sick, that’s why she is keeping on putting up with the pain in her lower back and neck but won’t be able to continue indefinitely. I’m so glad that I’ve retired but the money I get from my pension doesn’t cover the rent far less any of the bills, which isn’t going to be very promising if anything were to happen to my wife.

Anyway, enough of a rant for today, as always my dear reader, in these troubling times please keep your distance from others and stay safe, remaining indoors as much as possible.