Deaf dumb and blind, they that will not see

Good morning my friend, it’s been a while since my last post and it is beginning to look as though the four riders of the apocalypse are riding hard and fast. Death, pestilence, plague and famine have taken to their horses and, while Fred is no longer with them, running rampant round the globe.

In case you haven’t been out of your house for a while there are empty shelves in every UK supermarket up and down this fair island. Basic essentials have been bought in bulk by those wealthy enough to do so. Resulting in a shortage of bread, milk, rice, pasta and other basics needed by the most vulnerable in our society (myself included). I have cereal but no milk, sandwich fillings but no bread, things necessary to help me to stay in and isolate myself. I went out yesterday and found people coughing and sneezing near freezers, fridges and empty shelves. Everyone of us looking for the same or similar items to keep us going for the next week.

For weeks there has been no toilet rolls, cleaning products or hand sanitiser because some ignorant wealthy ba$t@*ds have been stock piling them in order to force a shortage so they can sell them at inflated prices. Several shops are also price gouging because of the shortage. This is uncalled for and is hitting those on fixed incomes hard. The elderly and vulnerable among us are having difficulties finding things we are running out of and if you have marked things up by 1,000% we will remember once this pandemic is over and when you need us to shop with you we will not be there.

There have been items on short supply for days now, but people are selling some of these items on ebay so they obviously stockpiled but now are running out of storage space yet are desperate to sell at a profit. I think that ebay (and to a lesser extent) Amazon Marketplace should be refusing to allow these people to sell anything at an inflated price.

Sorry for the rant but some people are so selfish in times of a crisis, the upside though is that some people have remembered that we live in an area with others and this crisis has brought out the best in them.