How can anyone ever trust any Tory?

by davebarclay1954

With the declassification of some more documents from the Thatcher era, it appears that not only did she know about Jimmy Saville’s sexploits with underage children, as well as Smith and others in the House of Commons, she was responsible for covering this up.

Apart from all the privatisation of Nationally owned assets for her close friends (under the pretence of offering shares in the companies to members of the public) she also knew about the biggest paedophile ring ever to grace the shores of England. With her part in the cover up none of the guilty parties were ever tried in a court of law because it only came to light after so many of them had died.

In the run up to a General Election did you notice how BoJo was attending floods, fires and hospitals for photo opps? Now that he has a massive majority it has been down to Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of The Opposition, to visit people who have lost everything to floods. BoJo is conspicuous by his absence, hiding himself away in a friends mansion and leaving the country in the hands of Demonic Cummings, the real power in Downing St.

If you are surprised by all this then you must have been one of the millions of morons who believed his lies, even when he admitted he tells lies and Gove said that by lying they win elections so they were never going to stop the lies, why should they? What I am about to say may not come as a surprise to you if you don’t believe everything put out by the MSM is the gospel truth, but the Tories are not the party of anyone but the elite 1% who have most of the wealth of the country in offshore accounts.

It now transpires that the 1% who own the bulk of the wealth in this country have not earned their wealth, they inherited it and get tax relief from the Government in order to hang onto it. Big companies are given tax breaks, which we are told will eventually filter down to workers. Instead they get put into offshore accounts, buy luxury yachts, sports cars, drugs and other illegal activities.

The USA may have started using foreign assistance in order to win elections and the Presidency, but the UK fell into that trap first, the referendum was the first time Russian money had been used to buy an outcome, along side Cambridge Analytica and it’s Canadian Subsidiary, but it wasn’t long before they had helped tRump to achieve the GOP nomination and then win the election, not by winning the public vote but by fixing the collegiate vote. This formula was then used to win the leadership of the Tories (without CA) by BoJo and he went on to win the General Election using the same underhand tactics and Demonic Cummings.