And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make

by davebarclay1954

No music to accompany this post, although the title is from a 1969 lyric from the Beatles Abbey Road album. Following on from the last post, my brother arrived back home safely and the Southferry Bridge was reopened for him to get across back into Fife, the only remaining Kingdom within the United Kingdom.

Here in the UK we are bracing ourselves ready for another Storm, following on from Ciara last weekend we are anticipating Dennis this weekend. More high winds, rain, sleet and snow. If anyone still had any doubts about the planet trying to recover the status quo and refusing to lie down and die at our hands surely this it? Ain’t Nature wonderful, when she struggles to maintain life she kicks up some pretty terrible storms, fires and earthquakes in an attempt to recover some semblance of balance.

I’ve rediscovered some music I haven’t listened to in a very long time, Seal’s first 2 albums so I’m listening to these while I write this post. I don’t have the inclination or power to sit down and write every day, there is so much I want to do with my time now that I’ve retired. It would maybe do me more good to force myself to sit and write because they say everyone has at least one novel inside them, maybe I should write and see what comes out of my warped brain.

I am discovering an awful lot of music I had forgotten I had so maybe listening to that will help, after all it used to help me to write poetry when I was younger. Then I used to write every day, some of it was good, most wasn’t any good. I did self publish a book once, called Mercurial Anagoge it was a small collection of poems but it has been lost in the mists of time, 3 failed marriages and lots of house moves. They say that on average someone will move 8 times in their lifetime, I moved 19 times so far so someone somewhere must never have moved at all in their life.

I know I’m rambling but is it better to ramble and take your reader on a journey? Or not ramble and lose the reader? Surely the worst of all scenarios is to ramble and lose the reader? Maybe I am still feeling the effects of the opiate I took earlier, pain killers, especially strong ones, tend to minimise the pain by taking the brain away from the pain sensors. I just think I have been changed forever by the hallucinogenics I took when I was younger. They say that they alter the brain and you are never the same afterwards.

If the doors of perception are opened then we will see everything as it really is, infinite (I think that line came from Alduous Huxley but it could have been another of Timothy Leary’s). Timothy did say, tune in, turn on and drop out. If we could see the world as it is supposed to be with everyone living their own lives without worrying about their neighbours but loving each other and looking out for each other wouldn’t that be brilliant? If we could form a society where everyone was treated equally, no one was above the law and everyone did what they could to help their fellow neighbours would that be Utopia? It won’t happen but if everyone was to show a random act of kindness every day we could get closer to achieving the impossible, think of that for the rest of the day…