The rich keep getting richer while the rest of us are just getting old

by davebarclay1954

Music to accompany today’s post is from Stephen Stills, Word Game from his second solo album (Stephen Stills 2) video is courtesy of Rhino and YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Today I’ve had quite the conversation with my son and brother, more than for a long time with my son, not so long for my brother since he came for a visit yesterday. He’s spending a few nights at the Lindon Hall Spa just outside Morpeth so thought since he was fairly close he would call in and see me. He’s still in his 50’s (59 today) but as of next year none of us will be younger than 60. Our sibling having turned 60 in 2017, I will be 66 in April this year making me the eldest (in case you can’t work that one out) 😉

If only family could be picked, like friends, maybe my daughter and I could still have a semblance of a relationship. When I asked about my dad, my brother said he won’t be going home and he is waiting for a space at one of two care homes in Glenrothes. Both my siblings live there so he won’t be short of visitors from his grandchildren, great grandchildren and sons and daughters-in-law. Dad was really bad after his fall and had to go into respite care since he kept pressing his alarm all through the night but there was never anything wrong when my brother arrived to find him awake and wondering why there were people coming in to see him in the middle of the night.

Over the last couple of weeks his mobility is improving (still not able to get very far on his pins but he is mobile again). Also found out his short term memory is recovering slightly, he still can’t remember a lot but he is remembering more than he did after his fall. If things continue like this then he may survive a few more years but his dementia is not improving, although his long term memory is still intact no one is willing to say how long it will be before that starts to deteriorate as well.

On a lighter note, the next chapter of my memoirs keeps disappearing so I have to start again, I went to update it and add bits to it today and it isn’t anywhere on my laptop, the back up hasn’t got any sign of it either so it’s not as though I can find any version of it anywhere on here. That isn’t the only strange thing which has happened recently either, I have gone out and left the laptop on as I have been in the middle of researching things or zipping files up to back them up to a removable drive, instead of the screen saver kicking in after 15 minutes the screen has remained active while I was out and I thought it was due to an update but when I check the screen saver settings are still as they were.

Anyway, that’s it for today, have a great week and don’t forget it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday so please try and be kind to each other at least over the rest of the week if you can’t manage to be kind every day.