Bad is bad, that I feel so sad

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the 1966 single by Los Bravos, courtesy of YouTube. Because the video isn’t mine apologies if it won’t play where you are, if you really want to hear it then you can ask YouTube to make it available in your area.

The problem with politics today was proven on Wednesday when the Senate in the USA decided to end the cover up sham trial by finding tRump not guilty of the crimes he has openly tweeted to committing. Should the GOP senators who voted for acquittal be looking over their shoulders? Of course they shouldn’t, they are not in any danger. The POTUS has asked his supporters to watch his opponents closely and to “take them out if it is safe to do so” and he’s not talking about dinner, social occasion or on a date. He once again mentioned AOC, Pelosi, Warren, Biden and others by name, but his supporters will gladly do prison time for him knowing that if they are convicted at trial he will grant them a presidential pardon for their crimes.

Why is he being allowed to get away with all of his crimes? Could it be because of his Russian backers? A lot of people will argue that without the backing of Russian oligarchs he would flounder and fail to remain in power since GOP who are looking for re-election would have sided against him and he would have been impeached, removed from office and facing criminal charges brought by the FBI. Around the planet there is a rising number of openly racist campaigners trying to keep countries “white”, Australia and Britain being the two most vociferous against “Immigrants”, saying they are responsible for all the ills that those nations face today.

On a much lighter note, I have finished watching Miracle Workers on Sky, starring Harry Potter (actor Daniel Radcliffe) the fact that it was on Sky Comedy lets you know not to take this seriously. However, it is quite amazing that the producers of the show managed to get some huge talent for the starring roles (God’s family not withstanding) while most people will not recognise the names of these actors their faces should be known.

It was a light hearted look into religion and the fact that no one really knows if God exists or not, if he is omnipotent, if he has lost interest in our small insignificant planet and why it was created in the first place. Also if there really is a God why does he allow so much pain and suffering to all of his creatures on this small insignificant rock floating around the sun. Yes, it pokes fun at religion but it also serves as a reminder that left to our own devices we can make a complete hash of anything.

Another program I have been watching recently is Avenue 5, starring Hugh Lawrie in his first small screen outing since the Night Manager. House perfected his American accent but in Avenue 5 his American accent disappears into an English accent from time to time (obviously for laughs) but don’t let that detract from the show. It has more going for it in terms of comedy than Hugh Laurie, excellent comedian as he is. The premise is that an accident on board the Avenue 5 turned off the artificial gravity and everyone went up to the ceiling, then it was turned back on and everyone fell onto the floor knocking the spacecraft with it’s minimal crew and 5,500 passengers off course to the tune of 3 years.

Of course the comedy wouldn’t be complete without a few accidental deaths caused by the gravity being turned off and then back on. The coffins were launched into space and are left orbiting the huge space ship. The captain, who is an actor hired to play the part of a captain by the real power behind the ship (incidentally the first casualty of the gravity error). He then finds out that the crew are also actors hired for looking perfect not to actually fly the ship. That role falls to people on the planet and a few technicians based on board.

The company operating Avenue 5 is run by a single multi-billionaire (who looks like a parody of tRump) has no clue what he is doing, who his company has hired and why and is a complete moron. Just like the dumpster himself. Anyway this could well be another hit show for Hugh, going from strength to strength since his outing as House.