Sitting on a cornflake waiting for the van to come

by davebarclay1954

Once again, dear reader, I apologise for the delay but I have had a hell of a lot going on in my personal life over the last few days. However, I’m back again and ready to entertain you with some real life adventure and wise cracks to make you laugh. Music to accompany this post is from the Fabs again and it is one of the 6 tracks from Paul McCartney’s film about magic, clouds, the Beatles, friends and relatives on a charabanc (if you’re not English that is a bus going somewhere unknown). Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but YouTube has different rules for different areas and they provided the video.

Ok, so where to start, I had a post all planned out for writing on Saturday but then on Friday night my brother told me my dad is unable to look after himself any longer and is in a hospice. They don’t know what is going to happen with him or his house at the moment and I have been waiting for an update but so far nothing.

The electricity needs to be rewired in the house (in December it tripped and wouldn’t go back on, after a week we had a temp job done). It is all working at the moment but not sure for how much longer as the fault still hasn’t been rectified. Electrician wants to come round and do a complete rewire, separating the lights into upstairs and downstairs and the ring main into up and down as well. In order to do this we need to move out for a week but the landlord has some availability in another house so we can move in there for the work to be done.

All of this and worrying about my dad sent my anxiety through the roof until Saturday when the landlord said about her other house being empty for a few weeks so we can move in temporarily while waiting for the work to be completed here. I thought we were going to have to pay for a hotel for a week when we are struggling to pay the bills until payday (tomorrow) for me. This has been a hell of a long month since there is always more to fork out for at Christmas and Easter than any other time of year. (That’s what happens when you have 10 grandkids (8 of whom we buy for and 2 we never see).

What is it with families? My son rarely gets in touch with me, my daughter never gets in touch with me. I’ve never met her sons and one of them is 20 this year the other is younger by 2 or 3 years. My son will text me when I text him, but only then. My 3 stepkids do keep in touch with their mam but not as often as she would like unless something goes wrong. My eldest step-daughter fell out with her bestie several months ago and they were working together making cakes with everything round at the friends house. Anyway things seemed to be settling down until Friday (that fateful day again) as my step-daughter was getting back into her sisters car the “friend” ran over and started punching and kicking her while she was half in and half out of the car. Her face has come up in bruises and the incident was caught on CCTV on the forecourt camera where my step-daughter had just finished blowing up her sisters tyres. The car door has also been damaged in the attack.

My step-daughter went into the shop and asked them if she could see the playback from the incident and was shown it, she then asked them to keep it as she would be reporting this to the police and she was told they keep the footage for 30 days before overwriting anything. The police have been informed and advised that there is CCTV footage showing the attack. Of course they can not respond urgently to this as they are under-staffed due to Tory cuts and broken election promises. However, when they do go round it will be an even bigger shock to the “friend” who must be thinking she has got away with the attack.

It’s time I went and fed myself since my stomach is now rumbling noisily telling me it wants something put in as soon as possible. More news on the incidents as soon as I hear anything.