Don’t tell the trees cos the trees don’t need to know

by davebarclay1954

Watching a program yesterday I heard a new (to me) version of a song I had heard and loved from years ago. The song was Whispering Grass, the version I first heard way back in 1970 was by Ringo Starr on his album dedicated to his youth and his mum, Sentimental Journey. His very first solo album.

Ringo, as we all know, doesn’t like to be called Ringo he answers to his given name of Richard (although he prefers Rich). Makes me wonder why, during all the crap he was dished out between 1962-1970, he thinks Brexit is a wonderful thing given that he moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970’s and has lived there ever since. He keeps proclaiming that he is a man of peace and love yet he backs the racist and Nazi thugs pushing Brexit down our throats.

No doubt he also backs Israel in her attempts to wipe the Palestinians off the face of the planet. Fascism was stamped out in Europe several decades ago (75 years ago this year) and yet it is on the rise again with the Dumpster sitting in the White House and a clown in Downing Street. Both these men are firm believers in White Supremacy (a completely unsubstantiated claim and one without any basis). If racism and racists are going to be eliminated then we have to make a stand now, back the Democrats in the USA and the opposition in the UK.

Both the leaders were elected by minority vote to the positions they occupy because, as has happened so often in the past, the opposition was fragmented. We have to show a united front in order to get the racists out and create a more balanced and inclusive country, one which is fit to live in and belong to. The alternative is for another 2 decades of war in the Middle East which will spread to the far reaches of the planet and destroy us all.