There are places I remember in my life I love you more

by davebarclay1954

If we can all join together then we can move mountains. A voice in the wilderness alone has no power, but a crowd shouting in the wilderness for the same thing can be heard for miles. What a state the world is in currently, the end of the cold war was, obviously, a good thing. No fear of imminent annihilation by nuclear fallout. Had we known what would come after then we would have been more afraid than ever.

Under Putin, a former head of the KGB, Russia has gone from strength to strength on the world stage until sanctions were imposed by the West due to the Russian Olympic team taking banned steroids, expansion into Ukrainian territory and acts of terror. Since 2016 they have been involved in computer fraud in the UK and the USA. Affecting the outcome of the Presidential Election, the UK referendum and the UK General Election in 2019. If any proof were needed then I would advise you to read the Mueller Report in the USA and the Russia Report (which has been buried by the UK Government).

If anyone still doubts the involvement of Russia in the landslide victories of tRump and BoJo think about it for a minute. Who had the most to lose if Hillary Clinton made it into the White House as President and if Jeremy Corbyn became the UK Prime Minister? The wealthy who were backing Bojo and tRump that’s who. Most of tRump’s money comes from Russian Oligarchs, as does BoJo’s. Further proof? It’s all contained in the two reports one in the US and the other in the UK.

Can we afford to allow democracy to be destroyed? Can we afford to allow further profits to be made at the expense of the people by those few who will benefit most? The answer seems to be yes as long as they continue to be believed when they consistently lie, and freely admit to lying.