The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older

by davebarclay1954

No video to accompany this post because of the world events unfolding in the USA, UK and the Middle East at the moment. In order to hide from his Impeachment the dumpster has decided to start a war in Iran (exactly what he announced in 2012 Obama was going to do). Of course the British Press can’t find BoJo so they go after the Leader of the Opposition to find out what he is going to do about the illegal assassination of Iran’s defence minister in Iraq.

Since when did a country as influential as the UK have an absent Prime Minister? Not until now, he has refused to attend the House of Commons today for PMQ’s, he is refusing to release the Russia Report, which can only mean it is more damaging to him and his cronies than the FBI report into Russian Involvement in Presidential Elections in 2016 was against tRump. Surely if it didn’t accuse him of accepting help illegally it would have been published ahead of the 12 December 2019 General Election.

On the topic of that General Election, if it really was a Brexit election then can we expect another General Election in February/March time once Brexit is “Done”? Of course not, he has a majority of 80 so he will be pushing through changes to the law so that he can continue to act illegally but will make it impossible for the courts to stop him next time.