There must be something wrong with the machinery

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the first movie I saw featuring Prince (and the Revolution) with Wendy and Lisa. Apologies if it doesn’t play where you are as the video was provided to YouTube by Rhino/Universal Music and should be universally available, however, YouTube has different ideas sometimes.

I have a few questions running through my head, we have seen throughout the latter half of the last decade (whatever you choose to call it the 10’s or the teens isn’t important) that lies seem to win elections. Scott Morrison in Australia, tRump in the USA, BoJo in the UK and let’s not forget Brexit. Since liars can only prosper for so long before everything starts to backfire on them, how much longer are the masses going to believe the lies before they wake up and start demanding truth from our politicians?

I would also like to know if anyone else out there has any idea of whether or not it is acceptable to comment on a woman’s physical appearance in this day and age? I used to make a comment about my mum, and several wives, after they had been to the hairdresser’s, is this still allowed? (Commenting on how nice their hair is after they spent a small fortune on it seemed like the right thing to do). Is it also okay to tell a woman how you find her appearance? After all I would not think twice of commenting on a male friend’s appearance if he was wearing a suit when usually attired in jeans and t-shirt.

In these times of political correctness it is not acceptable to wolf-whistle at a woman on the street, I never did think that was suitable behaviour anyway but never mind that. It has also never been okay to comment on a woman’s attributes, no matter how much they are pushed to the fore. However, can you tell a woman she looks amazing in that outfit? Her hat suits her face? Her skirt accentuates her femininity? Some of these I put out there knowing they are not acceptable to see what comments these will generate today.

Some women, especially those in the sex industry, welcome comments about their bodies in order to know they are appreciated, others don’t. While sex work is a job like any other it is also different to any other work undertaken by men and women. If we don’t have sex workers then how much more difficult would life be for those whose fetish is out of the ordinary to get some sexual relief? I will not look down on any woman regardless of how she makes her living, women are not there to be judged by men. Women are our companions and we should treat them with respect, with love and compassion. Would you treat a man the way you treat a woman? If not then why do you treat a woman that way?

Women are not the equals of men, they are in many ways, superior. If you see a friend you have not seen for a while will you greet him with a handshake or a hug? If a hug then why not greet a woman you have not seen for many years with a hug? As long as it is not sexually motivated, a hug can let someone know without words that you are happy to see them. Whether you greet a friend with a kiss on the cheek seems to depend on whether you consider yourself to be European or British. European’s, particularly the French, kiss both cheeks when meeting someone they have not seen for a while. They will also kiss on both cheeks someone they are being introduced to for the first time. A kiss on the lips is reserved for lovers.

I think we are beginning to see the backlash against the liars already, with Australia burning the people are taking out their frustrations on Scott Morrison (ScoMo) with his absence on holiday the British people are beginning to realise that Jeremy Corbyn is behaving more like the British PM than BoJo. In the USA, tRump is facing Impeachment and in an effort to remove attention from his past crimes he is committing new crimes and pushing the USA to the brink of war.