Right, quite right, you’re bloody well right

by davebarclay1954

No music to accompany this post because which version to choose? The original Studio album track from Crime of the Century? A Live version? Or maybe the single edit from the USA single? Because it is such a tremendous song I will leave it up to you to find for yourself. The group? Supertramp, and I have rediscovered these gems hidden away in my music collection very recently.

Unlike the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the music of Supertramp was not definitive of any era, it always seemed to be outside time. If I learned nothing else in my journey through life it is that some music speaks volumes of the times when it was created. Others seem to be outside time and space and just are brilliant pieces of music. Some classical music is definitely like this, some classic rock from the late 1960’s and 1970’s speaks of the turmoil of the time, others speak of a world to come which is better than the one we have.

If we have to learn something from the current state of the world it has to be that things have to change and more quickly than our leaders want them to, otherwise we are going to destroy this planet we call home and there is no planet B. Listening to music has always been able to transport me away from the cares and worries of the world, take me to a better place; or else to make sense of the troubles in the world at the time.

When you look around today, what is happening in the USA and the UK in particular is very reminiscent of the situation in Germany between the wars. The rise of the right, concentration camps, slogans (like every problem can be laid at the feet of the Jew/Muslim/Black/Gypsy). The similarities with the rise of the National Socialist Party of Germany in the late 1920’s and 1930’s to the rise of tRumpism and Brexit is worrying to say the least.

The English Defence League members are flocking to join forces with the CONservative party in the UK, this would have been unheard of in the days of Thatcherism when the EDL was known as the National Front. Like the National Front the EDL is a white supremacist faction hailing Adolf Hitler as the wisest leader ever in recent times. Everyone should be getting worried as the far right are rising up to dominate the politics in the West, aided and abetted by Russian oligarchs and Vlad Putin.

It is time my friends when we have to make a united stand to remove the cancer before it takes a firm grasp of every free thinking nation and installs tin-pot dictator’s answerable to Russia and not the people they are supposed to represent. If we can do nothing else then we have to at least make our voices heard. The silent majority cannot remain silent for doing that will destroy the way of life we deserve and expect.

On a less frightening note, there is a movement growing in strength within Europe to stamp out the far right (Macron in France is the biggest example) and to moderate the political climate. If we can do the same in the UK and USA then we will have a chance to avert the catastrophe which is coming more quickly every year.