Let’s hope it’s a good one

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from that perennial favourite John Lennon, wishing everyone a very happy time of year (before the messy brown stuff really hits the big whirly thingie). Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but that is YouTube for you, works in some areas and not others.

Well, another year is almost gone and the new one is coming in soon. If we overdo things at this time of year no one points a finger and says anything bad. It’s such a shame though that the trolls are still out in force. They blame anyone and everyone for the ills they bring down on others. Is impeachment justified when the current POTUS tells everyone on twitter that he is a criminal and the crimes he is committing daily? I would say yes and I’m not even American.

I never heard anything from my son in response to my texts to him last month and the emails I sent him until I had a go at him this morning. Is it wrong to feel neglected at this time of year when you haven’t heard anything in 5 months? Your texts and emails go unanswered, when all you really want is to hear that he is doing well? If he got in touch with me to say he was fine and ask how I was doing then I wouldn’t be sarcastic because there would be no need but when I text him and hear nothing back so I email him and still hear nothing back, it does kind of upset me.

Is that not what he expects? Sarcasm, because it’s the only way I ever get a response. I never hear anything back from my daughter, but at least she was up front telling me never to contact her again. If I didn’t care then it probably wouldn’t hurt so much to never hear anything from either of my children. Still maybe I should just leave them to their own devices since I probably won’t be here for much longer since we have another 5 years of taking from those least able to give to give to the wealthy who don’t need it.

I wonder if there is anything worse than family at this time of year. It’s just a pity you can choose friends but not family.