There’ll be no one to save with the world in a grave

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the Turtles (featuring Flo And Eddie) with a song they covered which, I think, is more valid today than it was in 1965. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but it’s courtesy of YouTube who have different policies in different territories.

It didn’t take long, did it? Those who voted Tory last week because they wanted more money, working fixed hours every week or just thought they should avoid an honest man who was torn to shreds by the Tory press, the BBC and Downing Street has been told that the grass is just as brown as it was over the last decade.

They ruined it for all those of us who saw through the lies, preached the truth but were not believed, and no one should be surprised to find that the biggest liar in politics today lied through his teeth to win a victory not seen since the Falklands conflict with Argentina led to a Tory landslide for Thatcher. In the words of Gove and Demonic of course we lie, we tell absolute whoppers but we will continue to do this because it wins us elections.

People on zero hour contracts can be offered £75 an hour but if they don’t work what’s the point? I know people who work one or two hours a week and don’t have a leg to stand on because they are on zero hour contracts. Because they have a job (?) they are not allowed to claim benefits so are threatened with eviction every month unless family and friends bail them out but there is a limit to how often that can happen. So they move back home, and that’s why you find so many 40 and 50 year olds living with at least one parent.

In these dark days we can see what the Tories are doing to make sure they win every election in the future, they are redrawing the boundaries making for fewer seats in Westminster and introducing Voter ID in order to exercise your democratic right to cast a vote in an election or referendum. The more they tighten the screws the harder the fight back will be, we have not seen darkness like this in Europe since the beginning of the 1930’s (in Italy and Germany). The EU has prevented European Wars since 1945, there is a global war being fought today by Russia, interfering in elections and referenda in the West in order to bring down democracy and put in place Governments who will aid Russia on the world stage.

There was a report produced and submitted to Downing Street ahead of the prorogation of Parliament for the election. This was not released because “two weeks wasn’t long enough” and a promise given that it would be released “after the election”. Now that BoJo has won a landslide victory that report will never see the light of day unless it is published on the internet.

We are still hearing horror stories of people who are dying in the UK being told by a medical “professional” – often a trainee nurse – that they are fit for work and having their benefits stopped often weeks before they die. This Government don’t care and they are telling people that these are the enemies of everyone, shirkers who don’t want to work (attending hospital 6 days a week is no excuse for not having a job) taking money out of the public purse which could have been used to make life better. What they don’t say is that if there was more money around it would go into the pockets of the few not the many.

I am still a staunch socialist, I care what happens to others and couldn’t care if I get locked up for protesting against injustice, just like Jeremy Corbyn. The pacifist loving, racist hating, planet loving human being who cared what happens in this country totally destroyed by the few because he posed a threat to them being able to hang on to their offshore wealth.