No one I think is in my tree

by davebarclay1954

The title of this blog post is from a song by Messrs John Lennon and Paul McCartney but the video is not being posted because this post is addressing some serious concerns I have for the planet, for the people on the planet and, more importantly, for the animals on the planet.

Greta Thunberg, as I’m sure everyone knows, started on her own with a school strike for Climate Action. If she got people talking about the scientific evidence which is being added to day by day then that was a good thing wasn’t it? She has Asperger’s which is a type of autism and it gives her the strength to focus on the important issue of getting the climate emergency talked about while ignoring what some people are saying about her. She is a terrific young lady and I, for one, am pleased that my concerns over the direction we were heading (I first started demonstrating against war, pollution and other environmentally bad aspects of life in 1969) was being brought front and centre stage again.

I know Greta has her critics with big mouths and deep pockets but that doesn’t make her wrong, in fact it makes her right. The far right, who still seem to be dominating the political agenda for the West (and Russia) are trying desperately to discredit everyone who holds up science FACTS against their science FICTION. If you want to know where we are headed just ask yourself is your Government interested in stopping hate crimes, or in supporting them? If your Government is supporting hate crimes (racism, misogyny and antiSemitism) then they are Fascists in waiting.

Here in the UK people voted for the CONservatives in their droves without reading their manifesto, which said on page 48 (an interesting choice of page but more on that later) that if elected with a big enough majority then they would do as they please without worrying if it was legal or illegal because if the courts tried to stop them they would sack any judge making a ruling against the Government. They will implement ID voting, no ID no vote, which is not going to affect the wealthy because they will buy the necessary ID. The poorest on the other hand will not be able to afford the ID and will therefore lose the right to vote.

They also said that they would encourage more employers to offer zero hour contracts in order to get people off benefits. The thing is, if you have a job where you get zero hours you get zero pay. This will mean people being evicted for non-payment of rent, jail time for non-payment of council tax, homelessness and death. This Government doesn’t care as long as they are ok in their multi-million pound homes with houses bought cheap, not being renovated and therefore unfit for human habitation being rented to people for £1,000’s a month. The Tory policies of the 1980’s being brought to fruition in the 21st Century, along with putting minimal amounts into our NHS and asking businesses to make up the shortfall turning hospitals from places caring for the sick into businesses designed to make profits for their shareholders.

We can see how well that has worked out in the United States where people can’t afford medication so they are dying, people following horrific accidents and long term stays in hospitals being made bankrupt because of the high bills they are left with when their insurance companies refuse to pay up. The Government know Scotland will vote for Independence in another referendum so they are refusing to allow one to take place. This will lead to unrest in the parts of the UK which voted to Remain within the EU and they will leave the UK with or without a referendum.

If we are not careful our freedoms will be eroded completely and we will have to fight tooth and nail to get things looking anything like they should. Democracy is dying on its feet, tRump admits to carrying out impeachable offences then criticises the House of Representatives for daring to impeach him. BoJo is going to do away with the fixed term Parliament in order to remain in power with a majority as long as he can. Believe me when I tell you a war is coming, it’s closer than you think, because when you try to put the poor down and kill them off, they will let you get away with it for a while but then they will blow up like a powder keg and things happening then change lives for the better, apart from the wealthy as they tend to lose their lives.

I said I was going to let you know why page 48 was relevant, didn’t I. In Germany after the end of World War I in 1918, the Government enacted a Clause 48 which said that they could do what they wanted without any interference from the courts or the Chancellery. This worked in their favour for almost a decade until the rise of the Nazi Party.