We all leave before the morning light

by davebarclay1954

Once again the lying cheating bunch of CONservatives have got into power with a landslide, which will destroy the United Kingdom and leave England alone in a sea of destruction and hatred. However, I won’t dwell on this and instead focus on the better aspects of the week gone by. Music is from the 1980’s (more modern than some I have featured) video is courtesy of YouTube and, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are but the copyright is not owned by me and different regions have different policies.

No one where I live could believe it when they found out that the party of lies, misinformation and creating an autocracy had won the election. That’s the last I am saying about that.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling a little apprehensive about my appointment at the General Hospital. As I am in my 65th year it was time to go for a simple scan to see if I had an aneurism in my Aortic Artery. If I did it would mean going back to hospital for follow up visits to monitor it – or even surgery to have it removed. To say I was looking forward to this simple screening would be denying the truth.

Any way, I didn’t know exactly where I was going so I left plenty of time to get there, arriving at the Cresta Clinic at 11:15 for an appointment at 11:50. After giving my information to Reception and a nurse in the waiting area I settled down for at least a 30 minute wait. Ten minutes later my name was called and I went in to have the procedure explained to me along with details of follow ups (if needed). I was then taken into a separate room where I was told to lie on a couch, pulled my shirt up and had a tissue put into the waist band of my jeans.

The attending squeezed gel onto my stomach and then put the scanner into the gel and moved it around to get an image of my aorta at my abdomen. Suffice to say it was painless and within 5 minutes I had been given the all clear, after taking a few pictures to put on my medical file I was allowed to leave. Heading out of there ahead of my appointment time. I felt a lot better on my departure than I had felt on my arrival. Can’t explain why.

Anyway, the whole ordeal took me a few minutes and once it was over I knew that I didn’t have an aneurism and wouldn’t have to return for any follow ups. God Bless our NHS staff and hospitals who can still manage to offer screening at the moment, to find and correct problems before they become life threatening. I can’t see this continuing to happen here in the next 2 years never mind 5.

If you don’t live in the United Kingdom then you will not know how marvellous a job our doctors and nurses are doing without the necessary funding to keep the service running as it was designed to. If you have to pay for medical treatment then I am really sorry that you will never know how it feels to be able to see a doctor when you feel ill, attend hospital for free in order to be screened early for life threatening ailments.