Places where the cobwebs blow away

by davebarclay1954

Just for a change, music from Paul McCartney (with Linda and Wings supporting). Video is courtesy of YouTube and, as always, if it doesn’t play where you are then humble apologies. I chose this song because it’s the eve of the General Election to decide which direction this country heads over the next 5 years.

I have been out and about in my local area telling people why I am voting for my local Labour candidate. This is being hailed as a Brexit election by the MSM and the CONservatives but it is about so much more than that. If we get stuck with BoJo for the next 5 years then there will be more suffering and death as the last segment of the NHS is sold off to private companies and will be run to make a profit.

People are believing that the LibDems want to see Brexit Gone as they are promising in their election manifesto, they can promise anything they want to because they haven’t got a hope in hell of winning outright. All they will do is split the anti-Tory vote and allow BoJo to win, or, if there is a hung Parliament they will refuse to work with Jeremy Corbyn and form a coalition with BoJo allowing a hard Brexit to go ahead. This will result in the dismantling of the United Kingdom since Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to Remain they will not stand for a Brexit that is not in their best interests.

Once Scotland and Northern Ireland have left the UK, the Welsh will push for Independence as well, this will mean that England will be left alone and tRump wants Scotland and Wales for himself in the event of a BoJo win. He will not be happy once they both apply as independent countries to join the EU in their own right. What about Europe? Will they take back into the fold the Scots and Welsh? Once the United Kingdom is dissolved you bet they will. Scottish First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon) already has the support of 25 of the 27 other member countries (UK is the 28th and doesn’t count once it has left).

Northern Ireland will leave the UK and both parts of Ireland will re-unite which means it will be like East and West Germany after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s. So what of England? You can hear the people in the North of the country clamouring for less involvement in Westminster politics, devolution by area. Each one trying to distance themselves from the rhetoric of division and hatred politics which has been rife since the 1979 General Election. The only political party which does not slag off their opposition or the leader of those parties is Labour.

A Labour party which is proposing, against the same tide as 1945, to improve our country by kicking out the private sector from the NHS, transport and fuel, bringing them back into public ownership so they are run for the good of all and not the shareholders. They were stolen from us by a CONservative Government led by Thatcher the Snatcher. She also wanted to sell off the NHS but was blocked by the will of the populace. Under BoJo she will finally get her wish, which is why he has to be stopped. Of course, he has hidden the report into Russian involvement in British politics and people are wondering why. What has he got to hide and why duck into a fridge to avoid being interviewed and allowing his minder to swear on live morning tv.

If we, as a nation, want to save our NHS and take back control of our country then the result on Friday will be that Labour have won a landslide victory not seen since the 1997 election. For anyone who doubts the logic of this being a two horse race, take a look at every election in this country since the end of WWII, either the PM was a Tory or a Socialist. The LibDems have never formed a majority Government but have propped up Tory Governments during the darkest of times.