I turned my face away And dreamed about you

by davebarclay1954

With the onset of Xmas, following Britain going to the polls again in a week’s time (third time in 5 years) I wanted to bring a little Xmas cheer into everyone’s life and let you know what has been happening with me this week.

What a week I have had, on Sunday morning when I was tidying up ahead of going to bed the electric tripped the main fuse board. All I did was turn the kitchen light on and the electric tripped. In order to get some power back on I had to turn the ring main off, along with the downstairs lights and run an extension lead from upstairs (the sockets on the landing were on a separate circuit) to keep the fridge freezer on.

When I got up at 9 on Sunday morning (after 5 hours in bed or 4 hours sleep) I contacted the landlord and reported the situation to her. They came over (landlord and her husband) while I was cooking Sunday dinner, they started playing with the fuse board and knocked everything off, including the cooker and all the downstairs lights, upstairs lights and heating. With the temperature dropping they arranged to get the electrician who looks after all their properties to agree to call in the next day.

He turned up at 8:30, tried all day to find out where the fault was, without success and admitted defeat at 17:30 after leaving us with the lights (upstairs and downstairs) and heating. He could not come back until later in the week so asked the landlord to get someone else to call in on the Tuesday. In the late morning I was told that she couldn’t get anyone round until sometime on Wednesday. About 13:40 I received a text saying that the electrician could spare an hour between jobs and would see what he could do. He came round and said he would get working what he could in an hour.

He left us with the sockets on the landing working, so the fridge freezer could be connected to that and we could charge phones and iPads. Following this he told us he would come back round the following day (Wednesday) to try a few things and see what he could work out but the job was probably going to be too big to fully resolve in a half day which was all he could spare. On the Wednesday he came round spent a lot of time checking the work done on the Monday, about an hour before he told us he was going to have to leave he told us he would connect the power supply but would have to take a chance with the fuse board by disconnecting the trip fuse and would tell the landlady that he had made a temporary fix to last for a couple of months and to arrange for someone else, or get him in January, to come back and finish the job by rewiring the entire house.

Now we have power back, the internet is on and everything is working fine, but my wife is wondering how long it is going to prove safe for. Still as long as it works she is happy to use the power.