Carpe Diem

by davebarclay1954

A short(ish) post today since it is almost 2a.m. here in Newcastle. I have been amiss over recent weeks due to having a lot to ponder (I have officially retired but need a job to make ends meet) no one is hiring old fogeys like me, however, the companies who do tend to hire retirees are worried about the effects of Brexit on their businesses so are not taking anyone on at the moment.

There are people out there in the UK who look on their peers as the only truly intelligent people living in the UK (the likes of Johnson Sr (and presumably, also) Jr.) If he was wanting to be elected (for the first time by the masses) he is going about it the wrong way. He is lying (and being found out quickly) blaming single mothers for the teenage gangs roaming our cities and towns, when he is refusing to pay the mothers of his children anything at all to bring them up with no input from him.

Of course when all else fails he is blaming the poor immigrant who came here to work, pays taxes and National Insurance so is paying into the British economy. I think the great British public have had enough of the Etonian “Born to rule” BS so he will have his ass handed to him on a platter come December 12, 2019. When ex-Cabinet ministers are advising people to vote for anyone except their own party it is pretty clear he is doing something wrong.

Anyway, enough ranting for one day, I may come back on later today to brighten this blog up by writing a happier post, keep your eyes peeled and wait without holding your breath because I still don’t know what the day has in store yet.