Leader debate cancelled 24/11/19

by davebarclay1954

I understand why Channel 4 have decided to cancel the leadership debate because BoJo has cried off attending. However, I am of the opinion that if he is too chicken to face Jeremy in front of the cameras they should go ahead with the debate facing Jeremy off against an empty chair.

In the last few chances for the current PM to own his comments and his parties wrong doing he has blustered, waffled and wasted every opportunity. He is coming across as a serious nobody trying to hang onto power which he doesn’t deserve but feels he is owed. On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn comes across as having well-costed policies, doing his best for everyone except the 1% who have wasted the last decade by taking from the poor and giving it to the wealthy.

They keep saying it will sink it down through the wealthy to the poor in jobs and pay rises. Wages have stagnated over the last decade, no new jobs have been created and the number of job losses since 2016 has been growing month on month. Brexit was not costed at all, those pushing for it, including Farage and Cummings, lied, cheated and overspent to make a mockery of the outcome. Because of this I am all in favour of giving the people the final say on a fully costed deal with Remain firmly on the poll so that if people have changed their mind they can stop the madness and division.

Every time BoJo spouts his racist rhetoric there is an upsurge in race crime, similarly when he spouts his crap against women then they become a target. He will never accept responsibility for his actions and the FibDems will go into an election backing whatever policies will gain them votes and seats. They have publicly said they will only form a coalition with the Tories and this will mean that the more seats they occupy the bigger the BoJo majority in a hung Parliament enabling him to forget his crazy deal (which is exactly the same one given to May just made idiot proof by the EU) and go for a no deal Brexit.

The only people who will benefit from Brexit will be the 1%, therefore a Tory Government will, once again, shove the poor to the ground and stamp on them. That is why I would never back the LibDems unless they came second to Tory in 2017. They consistently lie saying they have overtaken Labour in second place, don’t believe them. If you believe the lies told about Jeremy Corbyn then I would beg you to hold your nose and vote Labour to oust the Tories.

It is only the Labour Government who will take back the utilities and railways into public ownership, run them for the benefit of everyone and fully fund our schools, universities, colleges and our NHS. BoJo will continue to privatise our health care service until we are having to pay through the nose for insurance which will not cover pre-existing conditions, those with mental health disabilities and those dying.