But there’s no one left at home

And I believe I’m gonna rain… Music to accompany this post is from Paul McCartney With Linda McCartney helping out. Rock’s coolest couple of all time and, just like John before him, Paul worked with Linda until her death first on Ram, then all the Wings albums and she was helping out with his solo stuff following the demise of Wings. Apologies if the video doesn’t work where you are but it is from YouTube and there are different rules for different territories.

I think I should apologise for not posting the remainder of the pictures from New Orleans, but trying to nail my wife down to get them off her phone is proving very difficult at the moment. Anyway, another apology may be forthcoming in this post since I have a lot to be annoyed about here as well. I’m not sure if everyone is aware of the forthcoming General Election in the United Kingdom but dirty tricks are once again coming into play.

For all those who thought the 2016 referendum was crooked you can rest assured it was, the report which was published in October has not been made public as the Prime Minister, our bumbling oaf of a toe-rag, refused to allow it to be published. From the leaks coming out it would appear it condemns BoJo, Vote Leave and Leave dot EU for using Russian funds to back their cheating campaign which was full of lies, innuendo and nothing even approximating the truth.

So that is out there for anyone to see, if they know where to look. The other thing that came out today is that Farbage is expecting a peerage for refusing to put candidates up against the Tories in Tory held seats, seats where the Tories lost marginally to Labour and anywhere else he feels the LibDems could weaken the vote for Labour. The rumours are that he was put up to this by the donald in the USA. Why would America want to have a Tory victory and therefore a disastrous illegal Brexit? Because his Russian paymasters also want that to happen to weaken Europe and leave the UK fragmented.

Anyone still in any doubt that Remaining is the best outcome for the UK? BoJo last week said on camera that Northern Ireland were getting a fantastic deal by being left within the EU. In other words, England, Scotland and Wales are being shafted by his Brexit deal, which, according to the EU negotiators, is exactly the same deal they offered to Theresa May but they have simplified it down for BoJo. He, of course, is so stupid he doesn’t realise it is the same deal he voted against 3 times when May proposed it and tried to get it passed by Parliament.

Here in the UK, people should not be fooled by the lack of commitment coming out of Scotland for this deal as acceptance. Indeed Nicola Sturgeon is looking for her party to hold every seat they took in 2017 and to add to the total by taking every other seat being contested in Scotland. This will mean that if Labour don’t win in England and Wales but can hold the Tories to a hung Parliament we will have an interesting few weeks while waiting to see if the LibDems will find a leader (Jo Swansong has a Scottish seat) who will work with Jeremy Corbyn to form an anti-Brexit Coalition. Or if they will do as they always have and say a loud “FUCK YOU” to those voting for them to scrap Brexit by working with the Tories to deliver Brexit.

My money is on the latter if Jo Swansong keeps her seat, she is only interested in power so has ruled out working with Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. She would rather be deputy PM and push Brexit through than work to uphold her manifesto and block Brexit. With our current system of first past the post the only option open to anyone wanting to end the Brexit debacle is to Vote Labour into power on December 12. They have the policies in place to restore this country to its position in the forefront of European politics and it will be paid for by taxing the supremely wealthy until they bleed. Taxing income in excess of £1m including bonuses and taxing off shore bank accounts as though they were in the UK.

That’s why our Main Stream Media (MSM) want to label Corbyn as an anti-semite, Communist, Stalinist and accuse him of taking money from foreign Governments to boost his chances of winning. He has been very publicly asking the people to support his campaign and, as has been pointed out by ITV and Sky news teams (but not the BBC who only put out Tory propaganda) the Tory war chest is sitting flush with several millions coming from Putin’s supporters in Russia.

In the USA the donald is facing Impeachment and when that starts to be televised around the globe from the end of November it will be interesting to see if the GOP senate continue backing him. Of course there is still time for him to flee the country and head to Russia before announcing his resignation on Russian television to be broadcast to the USA.

Rant over for another post, if I have talked you into looking at the evidence and following the money back to its original source, thank you for believing the truth, if not then no hard feelings.