I see skies of blue and clouds of white

by davebarclay1954

Part 2 of yesterday’s post to bring more of New Orleans into everyone’s lives. Music for this post is from New Orleans very own Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) who not only has a park named in his honour but also an international airport.

Continuing with the sights and sounds of New Orleans I started the Audobon Aquarium but can’t remember where I got to so please forgive me if some of these pictures are repeated from yesterday.

That’s my reflection and it is a poncho because it was torrential rain that day
No idea who the guy was, he was trying to take a selfie with the parrot and refused to budge and let others take pics
Close up of a catfish
Took me a while to spot the snake
Some fish shine in the dark

Hope you liked these pictures from the Aquarium, I will post again tomorrow pictures from St. Louis Number 1 (including Nic Cage’s tomb and Marie Laveau.